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2011-03-17 03:18:48   Do try to use the preview function when editing pages, every edit is backed up as a new version. Nice wood work though! —ClarenceL

2011-03-17 03:41:37   Hey Larry. Nice to see your presence on the DavisWiki. You may wish to check out the Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner page for some helpful hints on editing your business page. Editing can be quite tedious but there is plenty of help to be found on the Wiki, whether you want it or not on business pages. Your Userpage is the place to edit, in any way you wish, information about yourself and ask for help such as aid with creating a web page.

Anyway, hope I am not sounding too impersonal, but it's 3:30 am and I just finished a ton of edits online after getting off work at the bar. Always good to hear from you and I am glad you are beginning to utilize the wiki as a resource for yourself and for your business. Just try to remember, the business page is a community page so keep away from phrases like "I did", "We have" and other personal statements. They're great on your page, but the business page is meant to be matter of fact and direct using terms like "They have", "He is" and others. See the edits I made on the page to see what I mean.

Take care. —Wes-P

2011-03-17 11:10:13   Nobody owns pages on the wiki. This is a place for collaborative editing. —JasonAller

2011-03-17 13:52:15   Not trying to piss you off man, just figured it would be easier for you if it was a friendly acquaintance editing the page rather than someone else. It will not last long as it stands, at least not as a business page. An option you have is this, although technically it is "cheating":

You can leave the business page barebones and move all the other info, photos, etc. to your personal page here where you are free to edit it as you see fit. —Wes-P

2011-03-17 14:59:46   I will repeat what has already been one "owns" any page on the wiki. Your user page is pretty much yours to do with as you see fit but editing on any other page, yes even a page that is **about** your business is subject to collaborative editing. —OliviaY

2011-03-17 15:03:57   And just as a caveat: even your user page is not sacrosanct. As Jabberwokky put it, "Adding personal info to your profile is usually fine; it's using it as a mechanism for cheap web hosting or to avoid having to be accountable is where it goes awry." —JoePomidor

2011-03-17 15:07:22   OK - it's about 'collaborative editing'. Then maybe the question I should ask is, 'What problem do people have with the way I've edited my page?' —larrydguenther

2011-03-17 15:09:49   Hey thanks for responding! In this case what I believe is of issue is the POV of the entry. With the exception of user pages, all other pages on the wiki should be in "Third Person" — this includes your business page. I'm still fairly newbish here but keeping pages written in this manner means that (at least to me) they read less like advertisements. This is important because while the wiki is a compendium of knowledge regarding Davis, which includes businesses, it is NOT meant to be site like Yelp or a Billboard for any one company. Hopefully that clears it up a little? Maybe someone can make better with the explaining? "Let me explain. No there is too much. Let me sum up."OliviaY

  • Another important aspect is that if somebody adds some new information, it doesn't look like the subject (in this case, the business) added it themselves. That way, it's more clear that the information is from multiple people (especially important if somebody gets something wrong, or misunderstands a deal and helpfully adds it to the entry!). That way, it prevents people from being discouraged from helping ("If I add something, it will look like they said it"), and it prevents mistakes from looking like they came from an authoritative source (which you can easily check with the Info button... but not everybody does!). -jw

2011-03-17 15:20:10   He is looking for help with designing a WEBPAGE... I am sure some of us could help with this... —Wes-P

2011-03-18 11:54:40   OK. Apparently I had some incorrect ideas about what wiki is and how to present stuff on it. I apologize if I offended and will try not to offend in the future. Mea culpa. —larrydguenther

  • We are all learning how to do this together! Nice woodworking by the way. —JasonAller
  • No problem... we're a community, and that includes you. The traditions that have been figured out to make things work take a little while to get used to, just like any other group. No offense taken whatsoever - we're all in this together. You're building little parts of Davis! That's durn cool, and it's great to show the world what you've created. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
  • I know I didn't take any offense to the edits. I doubt anyone else did either Larry. I was trying to help maintain the page as close to it's original design as possible while also making it as neutral as possible to adhere to already established 'guidelines' in regards to business on the Wiki. I also figured sine the edit was made by someone you are familiar with it would have been easier to swallow than if some complete stranger were to change the page. I know I have had my share of editing mistakes and even a few type-written battles here in the Wiki when I first began to use it but have since learned that this is a great community and has a lot of good qualities about it and a lot of great people. There are still a few Trolls out there, but for the most part the people are very helpful and respectful, even if we are wrong about something. Anyway, once again, glad to to see your presence on the Wiki. I think you'll find it to be a great source of community interaction and a great place to meet and interact with some very fine people. — Wes

2011-04-10 19:39:57   Cool. All y'all! Sorry I got started on the wrong foot, but hopefully, it won't make me enemies and there won't be any hard feelings :) I do have my own web-page and maybe I can find someone in the community that will make it better for some compensation - either money or handyman time. Love you all! —larrydguenther