Laurel in Dubrovnik A relative newcomer, Laurel moved to Davis on her 12th birthday (June 20, 1999) from Washington state, and lived in South Davis for 6 years, attending Holmes Jr. High and DHS. She played badminton for DHS from 2002-2005, and was team captain for the 2004-2005 school year. After graduating from DHS she studied Anthropology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada from 2005-2009, regularly visiting family and friends in Davis. She moved back to Davis in the summer of 2009, working at Tea List for a year. From September 2010 to September 2011 she lived in Southampton, United Kingdom, while working on a Master's degree in Osteoarchaeology, after which she moved back to Davis and got a job at Far Western Anthropological Research Group where she continues to work happily. Her hobbies include international travel, photography, and taking her Italian greyhound Lumina for long walks.


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2010-09-10 12:22:59   Thank you :) . Enjoy your trip! —KevinChin

2010-10-26 15:02:12   Thanks! Living in England is great, but it sure isn't anything like Davis! —laurele

2011-06-22 22:56:36   You used to work at tealist, right? Hows the tea over there? —BryceH

2011-07-17 08:58:18   The tea in England is pretty amazing, but I confess, I've been importing my Persian tea and Rose Melange from Nahid! —laurele