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Hi there, and Welcome to the Wiki. I saw your edit on Rich's page, and thought I'd leave this note for you. On the wiki, we're all considered equal editors. If someone adds something you don't like, you can edit it! Or respond to it, or do whatever you like :) If people disagree about a set of changes, we use a /talk page to get input from the general community and try to figure out a consensus answer. It'd be great if you stick around and contribute to this community resource. Have any favorite restaurants or parks? -ES

2009-06-18 21:06:49   Thanks for your comment on my user page. When we left GVCC we didn't know anyone else locally who'd left so we felt pretty LONELY... My main reason for putting your name and others on the "Recovering" page was to create a lifeline of folks who might be able to minister to others who have left or are considering leaving. Sorry you felt "outed". —RichLindvall

2011-04-15 11:16:37   HI, I am writing on behalf of Isaac Canales and Mission Ebenezer. Trying to contact Rich LIndvall - wanting to continue sending financial support to your ministry. Ritha Canales —IsaacCanales