Leona Dance

Links relating to some of Leona's favorite places/things: The Yuba River Briarpatch Co-op Cool Hand Uke 1 Cool Hand Uke 2 Organic Ag Advisors

My sister is obsessed with her cat. His name is Stinkerton Charlie McGee. He's awfully stinky. Like the Wombat.The Good Twin The Ugliest Kitten in the WHolllllle World


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Congrats on being accepted to UC Berkeley! Whoohoooooo!!!! What a smarty-pants! —xoxo

2005-05-17 00:08:42   As I type, you're attempting to teach Miriam's eight-week old kitten yoga. Weirdo! :P —SummerSong

2005-08-01 13:08:33   Its your birthday too, yay! I love twins. Happy Birthday NapoLeona! —MiriamKaufman

2005-08-01 13:30:16   NapoLeona BonaButta! —SummerSong