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Haha, Aaron Bloom, we can't forget about him. Even if we're trying. I'm hoping that the "ingenious" you took out was originally sarcastic. —BrentLaabs

2009-04-08 01:14:50   I'm guessing that it was sarcastic, but I think just the facts should suffice. Having lived through the previous era of ASUCD government, where things were a complete mess and there were no checks and balances, Democracy at Davis was a good philosophical move. Prior to that, 5 votes on the Executive Council could, and often did, do anything. —maxtran

2009-04-08 03:02:33   Well, I rarely see vetoes, but it's like in the real government — the threat of vetoes is enough. Budget hearings have the most give and take, even when you don't have a partisan divide between the legislative and executive. The court has never been an effective balance to the excesses of the Senate — they're too slow when there is something to do, and most of the time there's nothing for them to do. And it didn't really help when the Senate decided to pass an ex post facto bill. But overall, it works well. The "useless VP" syndrome ASUCD has is a much better structure than some of the External VPs they have at other schools. As the self-appointed ASUCD Historian, I kind of got the impression that Bloom did a lot, though.

Anyway, what years were you involved in ASUCD? I was from 2003-2008. —BrentLaabs

2009-04-08 04:17:24   Actually, I wasn't directly involved in ASUCD, but was active in the VSA. I became a friend of Peter Nguyen and helped him during the campaign. He and Aaron worked really hard for the students and were willing to take some controversial stands. They were a powerful team and, even if you didn't agree with them, you had to acknowledge they delivered results and had a lasting effect on ASUCD. —maxtran