Davis resident since 1998.

About Me

I am a Davis local who is a solo patent practitioner. I specialize in helping startups and individual inventors protect inventions in the Internet, software, electrical, and mechanical arts. I have an online virtual law office, and I regularly commute between San Francisco Bay Area and Davis/Sacramento corridor in order to represent independent inventors and small start ups.

I enjoy being a patent attorney because it gives me the opportunity to work with entrepreneurial and creative people. I take pride in my work, and enjoy helping my clients build and grow their companies. I care deeply about the success of my clients and I take a personal interest in companies that I represent. I offer them direct access to my phone and a timely response within one business day or less. For this reason, I have dozens of inventors and clients who can serve as references for my legal aptitude and counsel.

Like many of my clients, I am an engineer and entrepreneur myself. This helps me uniquely understand and relate to clients and their perspectives in helping them grow their businesses.

I hold a B.S. in Applied Computational Physics from UC Davis. I received my J.D. from University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law, with concentration in IP law. I received a Witkin Award in my Computer and Internet Law course while studying at McGeorge.

Favorite places to hang out

1) M.U. Games Area: You'll see me there shooting pool every now and then.

2) Movies: Because everyone watches movies we like, right?

3) Borders: There's just a whole lot of information to read, and the AC is really nice in the summer.

4) ARC: Working out, and kendo practices.

Favorite places to Eat in Davis

1) Sushi Buffets: Fuji, Davis Sushi Buffet, and Nobu. They all have their pluses and minuses, so it comes to the mood of the day.

2) Thai Food: Thai Nakorn, hands down. My favorites here are: Lemon Chicken, Spicy Fish, Duck Curry, and Chicken Pad Thai.

3) Burgers: I'm a fan of Western BBQ Burger. Black Bear Diner has a good one, followed by Carl's Jr.'s Wester Bacon Cheeseburger. Burgers & Brew can do no wrong either. Just ask for their house BBQ sauce. In 'n Out too, just ask for the spread sauce for your fries.

4) Mexican: Dos Coyotes and The Guad.

5) Japanese: Big fan of Osaka, too bad they're not around anymore. Sushi Unlimited lately has been a recent favorite for the bang for the buck.

6) Vietnamese: Pho King 4. Bun Bo Hue.

7) Old Tea House: Popcorn chicken, and the milk tea blizzard just seems to hit the spot.

8) Fro Yo: A bit of a mercenary on this one: any of the places are good enough for me.

9) Pizza: I like all the choices in Davis - a bit of a mercenary on this one too.

10) Chinese:

Feel free to say hi if you see me around town.


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