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2010-03-03 07:29:09   It's almost certain you're the same user as [BIGO5021] since you're editing from the same IP address (all this is in the public logs). If you're familiar with Big O tires you should need to read the instructions on the [BIGO5021] page please. Failing to listen and continuing to do vandalism (via a SockPuppet] account or otherwise) will result in a ban of your accounts and your inability to respond as an owner to complaints. Instead of deleting other people's comments (which is not permitted), respond to them instead telling your side of the story. —WesHardaker

2010-03-03 10:58:43   Not sure what you are talking about. this is a new site for myself and was trying it out. sorry for the miss hap. —mhfcc

  • Click here and then click here. Every wikipage has an "info" tab sheet (that you see at the top of the page) that shows every change to every page one by one. On user accounts, it also shows the IP address it came from. If you were to click both the history for the mhfcc account and BIGO account I just linked, you'll see it's very obvious the edits were made from the same computers on the same page :P But stick around, check the wiki out, and learn a little bit how to use it. Kudos for complimenting the sandwich place, check out some of the other places to eat around town and welcome to the wiki.
  • You could help me and other skeptics who have compared your IP addresses by using your real name and making comments that do not sound like they were written by a spambot. I apologize for the rudeness, but I get that way when people think they are being clever when they are not. I apologize even more if you are another person who really thinks the person working at Big O Tires is handsome and you just used their computer. —hankim

2010-03-04 01:21:26   Given their same IP and their similar typing patterns, I'd dare say they're one and the same person. —AlexanderHo