Michael Giardina graduated from UC Davis in Winter 05-06. He majored in English with an emphasis Creative Writing and minored in Philosophy. He then worked at IET making a sculpture of melted Starbucks cups to decorate his cubicle, while serving as the communications analyst for SmartSite. He recently resigned this position to accept a position with Google, Inc.

For two years as an undergraduate, he wrote a Friday column on page two of the Aggie. Copies of his columns can be found lower on this page.

If you'd like to read his book, grab a copy of, Capcalm & Stemshine.

He can usually be found wearing a black leather jacket as noted by Daniel Stone.

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Michael Giardina's publication in Newsweek: Current

One of his nonfiction opinion columns went to print in Newsweek: Current (The Last Word). If you would like to read the column, MSNBC Has picked it up at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9073287/site/newsweek/ Amusingly enough, a copy of the column was inserted into a recent issue of the Aggie, but it fell out of most papers.

05/06Columns From This Year

The following columns by Michael Giardina appeared in The California Aggie. the UC Davis newspaper. The Aggie maintains copyright over them. Newest ones on top.

Drive-by shooting of Michael Giardina Peace Out: Giardina Says Goodbye God and Santa Stalk Me Orgies: The Festival You Missed Certified Organic Monkey Fetus Snacks Masters In Jungian Cryptomnesia Homophobic Pit Bull At Kinko's Miracle Cures and Foggy Hypochondriacs Careful What I Wish For Bastard Children Boil, Boil, Toilet, and Trouble Surprise in The Bathroom Cockfighting, Condoms, etc. The Church Of Historyology Davis Truthiness Quick Voracious Consumerism Government-Enforced Addiction Slurping Birth Defects Pornography is Great Seductively Juxta-Exposed Your Free College Diploma Secret Naked Stress Tapes Pregnant men, circumcised women This column cures cancer† From Rambo to Rambone and if you found this provocative, check out this page, specifically the section entitled Sex Toys. Money all up in my Kool-Aid. Enjoy the column? Learn more about Living Cheaply

My Columns From 04/05

The following columns by Michael Giardina were first printed in The California Aggie, the UC Davis newspaper. Enjoy!

So long, farewell Horny spring crickets The word worshipper Entertainment blues The signs of small men, in reference to the Preachers with Signs and Yelling Preacher On The Quad UCDuck Farm. Yes, Davis has lots of Ducks. American sign language Normalize my irregularities Psychotic theories of impossibility Ain't nothing (not) going on. Perhaps the comedy suggestion took hold? See Birdstrike Theater. Internet sexperiment. Everyone loves Sex Much ado about teaching. Danger: Violent nudists!. Read up on Davis Law Change your major, on the superiority of the English major at UC Davis. Sexist holidays, ladies show your man you care, or check out Good Ideas for Dates. Police: ordinary people. See Police Mild Drip Guy. Find your own weirdos at the Cafes Non-Lethal Antics Reality shmeality Stalking for Dummies World of distruction That should be illegal Read up on Davis Law. Download this Health care, please Subliminally speaking Property managers abuse Davis students, a telling article relevant to Housing Guide and Property Management issues.

The Grave of the Great Alley of Clarity Cats

"The Grave of the Great Alley of Clarity Cats" by Michael Giardina - Experimentations in Abstract Poetry & Postmodernism. - Submitted as a senior thesis under the mentorship of Joshua Clover.

Socrates & Kitty

Socrates WAS and Kitty still is the mystery friend(s) of Michael Giardina.


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2006-03-25 05:12:17   Yeeeeah, that was a reference to Doom. I've seen that horrible movie far too many times I admit. —AricaChhay

2006-04-08 10:16:34   meeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooow —VivianPham

2006-07-21 11:56:33   Hey, can you add the dates when SmartSite will/is being used to the entry? Found it in the entry, thanks. —PhilipNeustrom

2006-08-10 19:36:34   An answer to your question: The Pasilla chili is also known as Chile Negro and is the dried version of the Chilaca chili. You can find it in most grocery stores near the fresh chili pepper or in the "Mexican/ethnic food" aisle. Look for large black peppers in large plastic bags —TomNelson

2006-10-02 15:00:27   My name is D.J. and I am a senior at Davis Senior High School. I am taking Journalism 1 and we have to do an in-depth article. My topic is the red light cameras put up in Davis at select intersections. I saw your opinion that you posted about the cameras and I was wondering if I could quote you. I doubt my article will get into the school newspaper but if it were selected, I would ask you first. Please let me know if I can quote you. Thanks, D.J. —DaAg

  • D.J. - Please feel free to quote my column. I would appreciate it if you would cite the resource, but other than that... go for it! Cheers.

2007-07-21 20:12:20   How about an answer to your almost two-year-old question: "Is the pastor at Grace Valley Christian Center in charge of ASUCD blood drives?" Answer: No, you may be thinking of Gerrit Buddingh, the assistant pastor. The pastor is Rev. PG Mathew, originally from India. —RichLindvall