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2009-05-18 19:34:55   Welcome to the Wiki. Your creating a page for Angel really isn't appropriate for the here. —JasonAller

2009-05-18 19:43:21   Your page about Angel Rodriguez is out of place here.

We have two types of pages about people on Davis Wiki. The first kind is a user page, like the one you're reading now. It allows an editor to write a bit about themselves and people use them for communication. The names for these pages all start with Users/ followed by the name of that user's account. Angel doesn't have an account here. If he did, the page you created is using the wrong name and he really should create it himself.

The second kind of page we have about people on Davis Wiki is a public figure page. If a person is well known or especially important in the Davis community for one reason or another, we sometimes write a page about them. The type of people who have these types of pages are generally public officials, community leaders, and people who are just visible for one reason or another. Your friend doesn't appear to be any of these.

Also, your posted some genitalia on the page you created. That's generally considered a bad thing on here.

Because your page for Angel fails to meet both our standards for existence and contains pictures of genitalia, it will be deleted. I figured you should have an explanation as to why this is happening. —WilliamLewis

2009-05-19 01:53:05   Is that picture in the basement of the Turtle House? If so it would be helpful to have on that page, thanks! —NickSchmalenberger