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I am a 20+ year resident of Oakland and a 40+ year East Bay resident (except for 3 years when we mistakenly moved to the South Bay).  I am a retired computer software engineer and am involved in several volunteer activities.  My main focus is in reducing gun violence in Oakland.  To this end I work with S.A.V.E.-Oakland (member of the board), Oakland/Alameda Brady campaign (Newsletter editor, tweet manager), Make Oakland Better Now! (member of the board, acting website manager/tweet manager). I am also Bay Area Regional Data Manager for OFA.


Welcome to Oakland Wiki! - Gene

welcome! I was just thinking about MOBN yesterday, actually, wondering what you guys have been up to. also recently have been to a SAVE event and just missed another (the one at fruitvale and mac). wondering if a twitter account would be possible for save for those of us not on FB who want to attend? glad to have you here!! -greenkozi

MOBN has been doing our usual hobnobbing around the city.  Been looking into what should happen when Measure Y expires.  Been thinking about mayoral debates, etc.

@SAVEOakland exists (much to my surprise). I am arranging to take it on in addition to my current tweeter duties, so stay tuned for StanIn announcements after the Turkey break.

yay that's so awesome! i'll follow now :) -gk

2013-11-22: Welcome! We're so happy you have joined us :) If you need any help using the wiki, add a comment here or check out the help page. Also, the "recent changes" button at the top shows what people are working on. Pretty soon, you too may find yourself subject to a recent changes addiction! - mk30