My name is Ryan McKay, I use the pseudonym "mitosis" because it feels right not because I want to troll or be anonymous.

I read that one page about stuff and real names and whatnot... I think I qualify as a legit pseudonym-using dude, after all I DO get called "mitosis" in person by many of my good friends and my reasons for going by "mitosis" instead of "Ryan" have nothing to do with trolling or anonymity. Be suspicious of my edits if you must, but you'd be hard pressed to find an evil motive behind fixing grammar =D

I made an account so I can fix bad grammar and help out them gnomes... whenever I'm reading an article and there's some out of place comma or terribly worded sentence I get a strong urge to fix it, but since I'd have to go thru all that effort of making an account I usually don't do it... so now I've removed that barrier and hopefully I'll get more into the "on the fly" editing for simple readability stuff.


I am married to the prettiest, brightest, most colorfully dressed person in Davis, I work part time at Ken's as a bicycle mechanic, and I study Electrical Engineering at ITT Technical Institute over there in Rancho Cordova.

Bicycles are a big part of my life, I have been wrenching on bikes off and on since I was about 12 or so, professionally for about a year now... grew up in the mountains, road biking is sterile and boring. I don't really know what I would do if I had to move out of Davis as I've become quite accustomed to this level of bicycle accessibility and advocacy... I would probably get hit by a car and die 'cause people in other cities don't respect bicyclists' rights.

I like to build robots and plan to take over the world some day with my army of robots... seriously. (Translation for people who don't know me: I plan on combining green energy techniques, rapid prototyping, robotics, and reused materials to bring food, clean water, and affordable prosthetics to the third world). I'm quite upset that Schilling left us... I really wanted to work there some day. /me cries

I like to brew beer and would love to find some more friends in Davis who will let me stir their wort so I can breathe that sweet sweet fresh hops smell. This one time my hometown friend, Nick, and I made a german pilsner that was to DIE for... OOOOHHhhhhhh it was soooo good. We didn't go a degree over temp, a second too long on the boil, and the temp controller on our kegerator held the lagering temp flawlessly... it was quite simply the perfect beer and totally ruined commercial beer for me forever. Now I'm on a quest to find a commercially available micro that can suffice as a substitute for our long-gone pilsner.

I have a ham radio license, N6RAM, and just like bicycles and robots ham radio is a BIG part of my life. I think it's sad when I meet people who are tech geeks like me and they've got a sweet shack set up to tinker with circuits and all that fun but they're NOT a ham... GET YER LICENSE YOU BUM! Seriously, if you fit the description of "hacker" "tinkerer" "circuit bender" or any other similar electronics-related geekery you really, REALLY need to get your license and get involved in the ham community... it's full of people just like you!

I live in Davis because it's so quiet and quaint, I enjoy being around a higher-than-normal concentration of intellectuals and people my age. I hate things like income barriers and elitist attitudes such as thinking someone doesn't have a valid opinion in Davis unless they make more than 60k, own property, have kids, or attend council meetings. I am not a transient, I live in Davis for Davis and really like the idea of keeping Davis a nice quiet crime-free place... but I rent and don't have kids and only make about 400 bux a month so I guess I'm a terrible property-devaluing scourge of your precious town. Ironically I might be a better asset to the community than many of these said elitists yet they would just love to see me and my apartment renting ilk gone.

I hate Picnic Day, St Patty's, and any other booze-related holidays... personal accountability is a big thing for me so people who get drunk and then do destructive things without even realizing what they are doing are the scum of the earth in my opinion. On this most recent St Patty's day I had no less than three different sets of panhandlers try to panhandle my precious scrounged up change pile that I needed to buy my pizza with, then when I was eating my 'zza one of them (who was so drunk he couldn't do anything more than whimper and point) felt he was SOOO entitled to MY pizza that he needed to follow me to my car and attempt to pull my friend out of the back seat... shoulda called the cops but my friend's hubby said no harm no foul... dumb drunk jerk should be in jail.

That's it for now, I've stopped talking about myself and started ranting so I really ought to quit while I'm ahead. 73


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2012-03-20 19:42:29   Welcome to the wiki! We can always use more hands around here; glad to have you on board. I don't think anyone would give you a hard time (least of all me, for obvious reasons) for using a pseudonym, since you've given your real name as well. But can we count on there being only one of you? Or might there be two? Or four? Or... eight?? —CovertProfessor

2012-03-20 20:27:05   Welcome Mitosis! You are very lucky indeed to be married to Megan!


2012-03-20 20:33:34   It looks like you had the coolest and most colorful wedding ever. Loved the photos! —jsbmeb

2012-03-20 20:35:11   Welcome to the wiki! Agreed 100% on the personal accountability thing. I don't have a problem with the holidays themselves, but I do have a problem with the people who use them as an excuse to sacrifice control and responsibility. —TomGarberson