Photo taken by Molly Stine

Carolina Hall

Elon University

Carolina Hall was founded in 1955 and was named for the Congregational Christina Churches of North Carolina who backed and paid for the dormitory. It resides in the historic area of campus at Elon University. Carolina Hall houses 125 female students every year, and is a very popular dorm for freshman girls. Each room is air conditioned and features it’s own thermostat. The dorm also has some of the larger rooms available for freshman on campus, with on average a 20x10 area. There are two bathrooms on every hall, with 5 stalls, 4 sinks, and 4 showers. That may sound daunting but there are always enough amenities to go around. There is a laundry room and garbage room on the first floor as well, which can be quite convenient during those times when you wish your Mom was here to do your chores for you. “Happy Birthday” signs decorate the walls year round and the permanent murals on every floor are a constant reminder of who we are and why we are here. The newest addition the murals on the first floor is one that states, “Long Live Elon 125 Years” as well as a quote from the General Johnson song “Carolina Girls”, saying “Carolina Girls…Best in the world!” Which basically sums it up right there; Carolina is simply one of the most vibrant and vivacious buildings on campus. Smith Hall, right door, is an all boys dorm and is often very social with the girls of Carolina. Most who live in either Carolina or Smith their freshman year look back on it fondly, for they are often thought of as iconic buildings on the Elon campus.