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                           d8888888888888b                        _,ad8ba,_
                          d888888888888888)                     ,d888888888b,
                          I8888888888888888 _________          ,8888888888888b
                __________`Y88888888888888P"""""""""""baaa,__ ,888888888888888,
            ,adP"""""""""""9888888888P""^                 ^""Y8888888888888888I
         ,a8"^           ,d888P"888P^                           ^"Y8888888888P'
       ,a8^            ,d8888'                                     ^Y8888888P'
      a88'           ,d8888P'                                        I88P"^
    ,d88'           d88888P'                                          "b,
   ,d88'           d888888'                                            `b,
  ,d88'           d888888I                                              `b,
  d88I           ,8888888'            ___                                `b,
 ,888'           d8888888          ,d88888b,              ____            `b,
 d888           ,8888888I         d88888888b,           ,d8888b,           `b
,8888           I8888888I        d8888888888I          ,88888888b           8,
I8888           88888888b       d88888888888'          8888888888b          8I
d8886           888888888       Y888888888P'           Y8888888888,        ,8b
88888b          I88888888b      `Y8888888^             `Y888888888I        d88,
Y88888b         `888888888b,      `""""^                `Y8888888P'       d888I
`888888b         88888888888b,                           `Y8888P^        d88888
 Y888888b       ,8888888888888ba,_          _______        `""^        ,d888888
 I8888888b,    ,888888888888888888ba,_     d88888888b               ,ad8888888I
 `888888888b,  I8888888888888888888888b,    ^"Y888P"^      ____.,ad88888888888I
  88888888888b,`888888888888888888888888b,     ""      ad888888888888888888888'
  88888888888888888888888888888888888888888b,`"""^ d8888888888888888888888888I
  I888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888P^  ^Y8888888888888888888888'
  `Y88888888888888888P88888888888888888888888888'     ^88888888888888888888I
   `Y8888888888888888 `8888888888888888888888888       8888888888888888888P'
    `Y888888888888888  `888888888888888888888888,     ,888888888888888888P'
     `Y88888888888888b  `88888888888888888888888I     I888888888888888888'
       "Y8888888888888b  `8888888888888888888888I     I88888888888888888'
         "Y88888888888P   `888888888888888888888b     d8888888888888888'
            ^""""""""^     `Y88888888888888888888,    888888888888888P'
                  Normand    "8888888888888888888b,   Y888888888888P^
                  Veilleux    `Y888888888888888888b   `Y8888888P"^
                                "Y8888888888888888P     `""""^

' new or and a happy non denominational holiday season to you as well. Why so srs on the bouncers page? I like it all tongue and cheek style like that. Moreover it's funny cause it's true Daubert

I got your back on the revert. Happy New Year! -jw

Happy New Year to you, too! —cp

Right — I don't question the guy's story, but it doesn't justify making that remark — it wouldn't be appropriate against the bouncer in question, much less all of the bouncers in Davis. —cp

So far, pretty good. Hope yours is going well, too. —cp

Happy March! (almost). —cp

Long time no see! I hope all's well. —TomGarberson

Hmm, I don't think so. I don't know much about it, but some have raised questions; see, e.g., here and here. If there was a Davis movement concerning it, that might warrant a page. Just my opinion, since you asked. —cp

Well, if I were to worry about that, the next thing you know I'd be fired up about the Hobbits next door or the Klingons down the street. Sometimes it's better to just let things be. —cp