I'm Noah; I am a 40-year resident of the Bay Area and a 5-year resident of Oakland. I have lived in Adams Point for the past 3 1/2 years and spend most of my non-working time either cycling or tending to my growing patio garden - which you can read all about at my blog Noah's Garden Themed blog: http://nfroio.wordpress.com .

Professionally, I am an administrative professional who spent most of his early career in large corporate environments before realizing that a company's mission was far more important than its place in the Fortune 500 list. I have worked in the Fair Trade movement; Animal Rights movement; and currently work for Job Corps Outreach & Admissions.

In my free time; I also do as much volunteer work as I can for Bike East Bay (formerly the East Bay Bicycle Coalition) to support their mission of making the East Bay an even better AND SAFER place for cyclists. I would love to see the day when we get closer to the peaceful coexistence between auto/pedestrian/cyclist as they have in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Noah F.One Less Car

Noah- thank you for the AWESOME story about Miss Ruffled Feathers. i think you're right. the geese have no idea that they are still... wild animals! -greenkozi