Hi! I graduated from UCD in June 2008 with a BS in Civil Engineering. But I still like visiting Davis and campus a lot!

Favorite Davis Wiki Pages: (to be updated periodically) -UCD classroom etiquette -UCD bathrooms -Best Classes to Take Your Last Quarter...or so I've heard -Physical Sciences and Engineering Library -Engineering III -Restaurant Guide -Bike Traps

Favorite entrees/dishes to eat in Davis: -Won ton noodle soup from Davis Noodle City -Garlic hot chicken with rice from Davis Noodle City -Walnut prawns from Hunan -Lemon chicken lunch special from Jade Garden -Chicken pesto crepe from Crepeville -Fruit fusion crepe from Crepe House Uni -Pad thai from Thai 2k (no longer in business) -Kaiyang (BBQ chicken) from Thai Nakorn -Charburger with avocado from Habit Burger -Shrimp burrito from Dos Coyotes -Pepperoni pizza from Village Bakery