A strong advocate for well-planned and fiscally responsible growth in Raleigh. To remain a great city to live, Raleigh must continue to grow better, not just bigger.



  • Current co-chair of Five Points Citizens Advisory Coucil and prior chair of Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council
  • Current member of Raleigh Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Advisory Group
  • Founder, current board member and prior treasurer of WakeUP Wake County
  • Current member of Downtown Living Advocates organizing team
  • Prior chair of Raleigh Telecommunications Commission
  • Prior president of Historic Glenwood-Brooklyn Neighborhood Association

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Hey, I noticed and fixed the issue with the video embed on the Front Page.  Thanks for catching that!  --PhilipNeustrom

Hey Phil!  The twitter widget didn't work because it's not the right kind of embed code.  For security reasons we can't support that kind of widget.  Most sites provide the right sort of embed code, though.  --PhilipNeustrom

Hey Philip, I noticed you added "GoLive, a real-time bus tracking system for the Triangle, arrives November 15th" to the front page. Is that an idea for a new wiki page? - Reid Serozi

  • Yes! More research required. I don't believe anything will come online until Nov 15th. This is apparently the work of a local company.

Hey Philip, I created a Wiki Sandbox for any testing you want to do. So you don't have to create test pages. Go to the Wiki Guide and check out the link for a wiki sandbox