I've lived in the Bay Area since 1991 and in Oakland since 1997. I am a birdwatcher and like to take photos of birds. I also love architecture and exploring parks.



Hello! Welcome! :) If you haven't yet seen it, the "Recent Changes" tab at the top of the site shows what people are working on across the entire site. Also, some usage tips. If you double click on a photo, there are a few options for image formatting (including the ability to align photos to the left or right). Also, when making links, you can link to other pages on the wiki by just entering the name of the page into the link. So for example, to make a link to the City Hall entry, just enter "City Hall" into the link box. You can do this for users by putting User/username into the link box (for example, a link to your user page would be Users/pipiraydiamond). There are more tips on the Help entry.  - mk30

Love the pic! If you like exploring parks and Oakland, and you're up for a pretty good hike, you should come on the Oakland Urban Paths February 8th walk, which will be a bit less urban and more rural, in Joaquin Miller Park. And I'd love to see more of your bird pics on the Wiki if you want to share. -gene

welcome! it's wonderful to you and your birds here! -gk

Great to meet you face to face today at the Paws in the Park event. -gene