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2010-03-20 07:04:14   Hi pnip, and Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider the Importance of using your RealName. Perhaps you could introduce yourself, or create a new username matching your name? I notice you seem to have a monetary issue with the owner of Crepe House Uni. It was PhilipNeustrom who deleted your previous comment, apparently because it was so vague that it contributed no information for the community. It sounds like someone has filed a legal action based on your issue with Sagat. At this point, my advice to you would be to focus your attention there. The wiki probably isn't the place to air your problems when there's a lawsuit pending. If Sagat is opening a new business in the community, details about any issues would be useful to the community, but it sounds like that isn't the case. Please remember that the wiki isn't a weapon. —TomGarberson

2010-03-20 21:35:21   If you have business issues with Sagat, please address them with her via email or personal correspondence. Or take out an ad in the Davis Enterprise. Your remarks on are not relevant to her Crepe House Uni customers and may be deleted. —JimStewart