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2007-09-26 14:00:46   Welcome to the Wiki! I actually never lived there at Unviersity village, just quite a few people I know. I suggested the same to them, but I dont know they followed through or not. —JamesSchwab

2007-09-27 20:57:19   oh man.....i'm in the process of trying to leave. my girl friend talked to a lawyer to get some advice. well, marie is a liar. she lied to my girl friend about the renual lease saying it was "exactly the same" as the old one when it wasn't at all. the lease is 25 pages so who wants to read that again? she also said that it wasn't really necessary to read it again. my girl friend said that she had heard that it was different. marie made no mention about the differences and never showed where they were. anyway, she signed it only to find out later that it had been changed in many places...especially the part where the is a buy out option if one wants to leave. there is none anymore. think of living here as a 9 month prison sentence. your stuck until the lease is over. well, marie was sloppy so well see if that really plays out. we can't say how were trying to break it yet, but we'll let others know if it works out. in the mean time, tell everyone you know NOT to rent here. we call it a hell hole and that's what this place is. my gril friend is also having issues with her housemates, too. yeah, it's a joke. they don't care. don't believe anything the people in the office tell you. get it in writing. oh, if they bill you, ASK to see the bill!!! —ColinMcEnroe

2007-09-27 21:02:54   i like your name. you know the qwerty keyboard is inefficient but people just don't like change so it stays. welcome to the wiki! —JessicaRockwell

2007-12-09 17:26:00   BTW, the comment on the page was written by AnneKabala, my girlfriend, and she is referring to a friend of hers. I didn't remember writing this, but it sure looks like something she would write! —ColinMcEnroe