Hi Folks,

I live in SF, but am heavy into the natural sciences. I do bird and animal surveys along the shore and out in the Farallones Marine Sanctuary. Saw one of your bird pages and will make some changes. Don't know how this works and I hope I don't step on anyones toes!

welcome! no oakland-residency cards are checked to edit, including for birds and bird-lovers. edit away, and please let us know if you have questions! -greenkozi

Welcome to the Oakland Wiki! As creator of the Birds of Lake Merritt page, please fix any problems you see (whether on that page or elsewhere), and feel free to add to them! - Gene

welcome! we're a friendly crew that welcomes new additions, so please feel free to improve things however you see fit. the help documentation can help with any technical aspects. you can always ask questions here as well and someone will help. finally, in case you ever want to add content about san francisco, the san francisco localwiki is at http://localwiki.net/sf. the scopes of these projects are fluid though, so if you're ever not sure whether something is "appropriate" to share on localwiki or which region it should go in, just put it somewhere and people will find it. also if you'd like some ideas as to how much detail is welcome here, check out this entry on the yuba-sutter localwiki. - mk30