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2009-12-27 15:42:05   Welcome to the Wiki. You might want to read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner. Then feel free to ask questions. Removing other peoples comments and deleting pages is generally viewed as "damage" and people will just undo those edits. There are established ways to archive comments and other things if that is appropriate. See Wiki Community. —JasonAller

2010-01-03 16:21:19   Hi Shanta,

Thanks for your recent updates to the page. Let me see if I can elaborate on Jason's comments above. The wiki doesn't provide "business listings" — but it does have pages that are written by the community and for the community. So, although it is great when business owners participate, they need to understand that the page is written from the point of view of the community. That means, among other things, that the page says "they" rather than "we." It also means that comments from members of the community are kept (unless they are offensive, personal attacks, etc.). So, you'll notice I made some more edits to the Bicycle Bakery page to put it back to third person and to restore the comments you deleted. The page that Jason recommends for Business Owners explains this in more detail.


2012-03-31 01:22:57   Your bicycle bakery website is not active anymore. Will there be any chance you will bring it back? —SimonFung