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2008-06-21 13:41:30   Howdy, Mr. or Ms. Chloride, and Welcome to the Wiki! You might want to check out the importance of using your RealName, just so we can get to know you (or not: it's your choice, but we're pretty friendly here). My name's Evan, pleased to meet you! Thanks for adding a review to the Yolo Fruit Stand entry. You had also called into question if another editor was from Davis or not — quite a few people who live in Davis work elsewhere, or work in Davis but live in Woodland or Sacramento. Some people on the Davis Wiki (like myself) have even moved a good distance away for some reason but still maintain a connection to Davis (friends or family live there or in the area). I moved your comment to the Talk page for the entry, since it doesn't deal directly with the subject. That way people can talk about the point you brought up without overwhelming the actual entry with back and forth discussion about a side issue. You've got a good eye for detail, though... and once again, welcome to the wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards