Sister of New,  training female veterans, low income women, and women on welfare.

SISTER OF N.E.W will be uniquely positioned to help unions, contractor and Developer's employ more trades women. Sister Of New will improve Florida's Construction industry workforce by, preparing reliable, motivated individuals for the skilled trades.

Sister of Nontraditional Employment for Women Institutionalizing nontraditional employment focuses the workforce development and welfare systems on what they should be doing-moving families out of poverty by training women for self-sufficiency wage jobs with a future. We can improve low-income individuals' access to higher-wage employment.




For many families, self-sufficiency cannot be achieved in a single step. It requires strategies that create ladders out of poverty-strategies that provide the assistance, guidance and time needed for families to become self-sufficient. Targeting Higher-Wage Employment

Nontraditional employment for women is one high-wage option that can enable families to move out of poverty. 

Increasing women's access to nontraditional jobs is a compelling strategy for family economic self-sufficiency for several reasons. Most importantly, compared to jobs that are traditional for women, nontraditional jobs can provide better wages and benefits than the traditionally female jobs. Unfortunately, most female job training participants and public assistance recipients are steered towards traditionally female occupations. Because this approach looks at labor market issues from both supply and demand perspectives, it helps communities strengthen their local economies while reinvesting in families and neighborhoods. Targeted training is necessary to help low-income client's access high-demand, high-wage jobs.