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Hi, Perhaps you'd like to put this comment on the right page. Please see the reply by James Morton, which I pasted below. —DonShor

"—— 2010-10-30 01:41:36   He may mean well, and I see that others like him. But I had what appeared to be a virus. He said it was and scrubbed my computer clean. VERY BAD IDEA! I lost some VERY VALUABLE INFO, as a result of his haste, incompetence or sheer criminality. THIS GUY IS WAY TOO HYPER AND JUMPS TO TOO MANY CONCLUSIONS. Suffice it to say that I lost important data, paid way way too much, and his diagnosis was WRONG. I didn't have a virus: I just needed to run "computer cleaner." That's ALL. I wish I'd just gone to Heron (now called Davis Computer). BTW, Computer Genius is a rude and insane dude with delusions of grandeur who does little or nothing and charges way too much and rarely answers his phone, if ever. —skywords

2010-10-30 15:21:08   Skywords, This is Davis Computer Doctor, and we have no relationship with The Computer Genius. I believe You left the Reply to the wrong Company. Davis Computer Doctor is not related to either davis computer or computer genius. Davis Computer Doctor is connected to other computer doctor companies in other states, has no involvement with the mentioned companies. Please remove this review because this work was not done by Davis Computer Doctor. —JamesMorton

2011-06-27 21:57:06   I understand that you think Co-Dependents Anonymous is a great group that many people can benefit from, and that you're just trying to spread the word, but information about the group doesn't belong on pages to which it has no connections. I can see that alcohol-related issues often have involve co-dependency, so those links make sense to me, but the men's talk and drum circle? The La Leche League? I fail to see the connection to these and many of the other pages that you put links on. —CovertProfessor

Hey, Mr. or Ms. skywords. I removed most of the rest of the links, for the same reason I removed them when Barbara did the same thing earlier this year. Is it some kind of marketing thing your group does? It doesn't seem very 12 steppy, as it seems to run somewhat afoul of the eleventh tradition in some ways; not clearly, I'll grant you, but in the same way excessive fliering rather than simple notices tends to. Anyway, it's pretty much the same reason as when Barbara posted the links, so I figured I'd just quote the message I left her:

2011-02-12   Howdy Barbara, and Welcome to the Wiki. My name's Evan, pleased to meet you! Thanks for adding information about Co-Dependents Anonymous and linking it in places like Support Groups, but many of the topics you linked it under seem to be very inappropriate. It would appear you are just trying to add links to as many entries as possible to raise awareness of the organization. That seems like a good idea, but if everybody did it, then the Co-Dependents Anonymous entry would be buried under links to various additional support groups, soccer leagues that promoted fellowship and just about every religious and spiritual group in Davis. Cause oriented spam seems like a noble idea, but in practice, it is like covering up other people's fliers on a bulletin board. I removed several of your edits — not because I don't support the idea of CoDA! — but rather because they were not really on-topic for the subject of the entries you added them to. I left them in all the general topic entries like Support Groups or the Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Center, which seems to have an open list of alternative support resources on it. I hope you understand that I did this for the exact same reason you added the links: to improve the wiki as a resource for people looking for help. I mean it sincerely when I say welcome to the wiki, and thank you for the additions you made to the CoDA relevant entries! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2014-08-28 09:24:58   Hi, you forgot to ask me. Maybe I would have changed it for you, but now I'm not so sure anymore! :p ( —ConstantiaOomen

2014-08-28 10:29:59   You've been temporarily banned for repeatedly editing many different pages with the same comment. I think you were just confused, so please just back off and someone will un-ban you in a few days. —PhilipNeustrom

2014-08-28 11:28:47   Hey, it was good talking to you on the phone just now, and as a person who loves their caffeine, I can understand going a bit overboard now and then. I've unbanned you for now, but please try to edit only a few entries at a time — everybody can see everybody else's edits in the Recent Changes tab, so there's no need to run to everybody at once asking for help. If you do edit and get confused, just make your best effort, and in the following hours, one of the wiki regulars with notice your edit changes and help fix anything you did wrong. We're all cooperating together and usually pretty friendly here, so a mistake in editing an entry isn't a terrible thing, especially as you learn how. Plenty of people mess up the first few times. —JabberWokky