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Please halt the conspiracy! I am a Spanish Teacher in the area; I have lived in Davis for more than 18 years. Everyone in the area is aware that I have been persecuted by the local town leaders, police, & previous d.a., including held hostage in the Yolo jail for 2 years when everyone knew I was innocent, yet no one did anything about it. This town has betrayed me; I'm asking citizens to do the right thing & halt the conspiracy. When local leaders become corrupt, it is up to the individual citizens to ensure justice, but this failed to occur. It has been made clear to me that the false accusation & 2 year captivity, with the leaders pressuring everyone to keep silent, was a "test run;" if they can get away with it, next they'll go for the death penalty. "A wise man scales the city walls destroys the foundation of the city," Prov. 21:22. Please call President Obama, 202-456-1414 & demand the corrupt officials be arrested; call Congressman Mike Thompson, 202-225-3311; Chief Asst. Attorney General Dane Gillette, 415-703-5866; call agents Kappelhoff & Callahan at US Dept. of Justice, 202-514-3204; demand the conspirators be arrested!!! See for more facts.

Follow Jesus! I evangelize in town, sharing the Good News (gospel) of Jesus Christ, that "if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, & believe with your heart God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved!" Rom 10:9. Call me with questions about God, to debate, spiritual issues, or to fellowship. See for a paper that I wrote proving the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, "Jesus Christ & the Trustworthiness of the Bible," a "masterpiece" according to the late Rev. Harvey Klapstein, National Director of Senior Ministries, O.B Standard Churches.

Free lawsuit & legal advice (with disclaimer that I am not an attorney) I have 11 years of experience & research in trial representation, appeals, writs, injunctions, & civil suits, I am willing to help people who have had their rights violated. Just call me, or we can meet at UCD Law Library, or anywhere else. I can help with civil suit complaints (writing & filing), appeals, etc.

Joe Tutor! Tutoring services in the Davis/Vacaville/Sacto area!

I have a BA from UCD in Spanish, a Ca. Prof. Clear Teaching Credential in Spanish from National Univ., & Ca. Real Estate Broker's License. I am fluent in Spanish, & talented in pronunciation & grammar, for those who wish to excell at the language. I am familiar with Latin American culture & literary works, & have traveled to Mexico on various occasions. I am experienced in Real Estate, & well-studied in real estate principles & law, as well as property law & tax programs. My Math experience includes more than a year of college calculus, & college stats, & I have had more than a year of college chemistry.

I also have extensive studies & experience in Constitutional Law, writing legal briefs such as opening briefs, writs, petitions, & motions, especially involving constitutional (civil) rights such as free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, equal protection, due process, probable cause. I have experience in defensive actions (defense trail cases, writs, & appeals) as well as offensive actions (civil suits such as 42 USC 1983 suit, suit for injuncitve relief)

Subjects: Spanish, Composition, Business, Real Estate, Writing & Grammar, & ESL, all ages Math, Sciences, Statistics, Law, Legal Principles, Constitution, most ages

The Sherman Co. I also market GMX Magnetic Water Softeners, dba The Sherman Company. These are a green product; they make use of ceramic magnets, & need no electricity or energy or additives, they don't pollute, & they perform better than salt based softeners & r.o. systems! for the facts; call me to purchase!