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2010-02-23 15:02:38   Welcome to the wiki! I see you've made some changes to The Luxury Out House Company page. It seems as though you are associated with the business. I recommend that you read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner, which explains, among other things, that pages are written in the third person rather than the first person and do not read like advertisements. This is because they are the product of a community effort, rather than being a business listing from the business itself. So, I am going to revert some of the changes you made to the page. This is all part of a typical learning process that people go through when they first come to the wiki. Again, welcome! I hope you stick around to edit other pages. —CovertProfessor

2010-02-23 17:11:22   If thats truly the case then....why cant I edit that page? but...thank you for taking the time to write this out for me.. and to establish a page about my mothers company. Please understand that my mother works hard at what she does... and when someone has negative things to write " Apparently however no actual out houses are sold." You can imagine (or maybe not because its not your business or your mother.) How bothersome it may become. But...people will be people... so ..... Have at it ;-) —tommieW

  • You can edit the page, and I made some changes based on your changes. But you have to understand that there are established social norms here. Think of them as community guidelines, established by consensus, that have evolved over time and continue to evolve. And it goes even further — the wiki is a non-profit, so it is not supposed to actively promote businesses. As for the outhouse comment, you can start a talk page to see what other editors think about it (click the "Talk" button at the top of the page), but my personal opinion is this: Anyone who names their company "The Luxury Out House Company" has a sense of humor. And that comment is simply playing on that sense of humor. One of the things that people value about the wiki is that it isn't "just the facts ma'am" but is a bit whimsical, just like Davis itself. And by the way, I didn't create the page originally, nor have I been the only one to edit it. —CovertProfessor

2010-02-23 17:23:45   Sorry...we dont have a since of humor like yours...but again. Thank you for taking the time. —tommieW

  • Ok — I am confused. Then why put the words "out house" in the name of the company that sells bath products? That wasn't supposed to be funny? If it's not supposed to be funny, then I don't know what it means. —CovertProfessor

2010-02-23 17:52:43   I cant continue this with you. Its very mentally draining to deal with people like you. I almost feel bad for you..but I guess thats how you were raised. My mom always taught me that... If you can say anything nice...then don't say anything at all. You win for now... hope you sleep better at night LOL.....;-) —tommieW

  • I really am genuinely confused and not trying to be argumentative. In fact, I think I've gone out of my way — taken my personal time — to help explain this to you. I understand that not everyone has the time to edit the wiki, and frankly, I'd be better off if I didn't, too. But I do wish you'd answer my question, for my own curiosity, about the name of the company. I am trying to understand where you are coming from. —CovertProfessor

2010-02-23 20:13:25   I'm sorry you had such a rough introduction to the wiki. Keep in mind that like Pandora's box the wiki is a reflection of humanity; there is both wonderfully nifty stuff as well as the interactions we'd rather shut the lid on. There is always risk any time a editor who has been around for a while interacts with a new editor. It can be hard for the welcoming editor to know if the new editor is seeing the yellow notice in the upper right hand corner of the screen and reading messages on left for them or not. It can be hard to tell how soon to rush in to make correcting edits, or how long to hold back and let the person learn on their own. Please keep in mind that while some left negative comments, there were others who built up a page sharing information about your business. I hope you'll trust me when I tell you that in the long run there are more of the later than the former. —JasonAller

2010-02-23 20:17:56   Hey Tommie, welcome to the wiki! I just wanted to drop in my two cents... everything I've seen since I started trolling the wiki regularly a couple of months ago has pointed toward CovertProfessor being genuinely well-intentioned. I, too, am a little puzzled about what was so offensive. While there are some unfavorable comments on the page, that's par for the course for every business on the wiki—you'd be hard pressed to find anything with more than a few comments where none are negative.

I also found both the name of the company and the comment about it not selling out houses to be rather clever. Both struck me as tongue-in-cheek, and certainly not cruel or intended to be hurtful. There was one comment that seemed rather more direct than necessary about signage, but that sort of thing is unfortunately just a part of being in the public eye.

My advice would be to add a note responding to comments you think unfair. It's worth sleeping on it beforehand, though, to make sure you aren't getting defensive over something that might not be hostile—it's often hard to really guage tone over the internet. You can put a sub-comment directly under an existing one while editing (click the "edit" button at the top of the page) by hitting enter to space down once, then putting a space, an asterisk, and then your comment. You can further indent to "thread" a conversation, as it's called, by adding additional spaces before the asterisk. For example:

  • There's one space before the * here
    • There are two spaces here
      • Three spaces here

I hope that helps, and I hope you aren't too discouraged by a tough first introduction to the wiki. I hope you'll keep coming back. We really are a fun and friendly group, and anything that comes across as mean or harsh is probably based on a misunderstanding or miscommunication, not any ill will. —TomGarberson