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2008-10-01 18:48:30   Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider the importance of using your RealName. It may help to know that people can look at your user info and see all of your reviews. —JasonAller

2008-10-01 21:51:50   Howdy Mr. or Ms. Queen, and Welcome to the Wiki! You might want to check out the importance of using your RealName, just so we can get to know you (or not: it's your choice, but we're pretty friendly here). My name's Evan, pleased to meet you! Wow, you're sure full of vinegar for some of your fellow neighbors! Your comment placed on the Tercero Dining Commons entry mentioned that you couldn't figure out how to add a comment if there is no comment box... you can edit any entry you wish and add a comment by clicking the "Edit" button at the top of any page. The comment macro just makes it easy, since it automatically signs and dates your comment. You can edit pretty much everything on the wiki, just like all your fellow editors. Once again, welcome to the wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards