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2011-04-06 16:25:14   Welcome to the Wiki! Can I suggest giving your comment on Zabace, Inc. another try, this time without capslock? It's incredibly difficult to read, and really won't help get your point across. I was considering posting one of those snarky "Caps Lock: it's cruise control for COOL" pictures for you, but I think it'd give the wrong impression. Welcome to the wiki and thanks for the contributing... it's just hard to tell what you contributed when my eyes explode before I'm halfway through reading the comment. —TomGarberson

2011-04-06 16:25:44   WOWOTHATWASANUNREADABLEWALLOFTEXTITHINKYOUWERETRYINGTOSAYSOMETHINGBUTICOULDN'TTELL. You might want to make it more readable by not using all caps. Just suggesting. Welcome to the wiki, strange and anonymous angry person. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2011-04-06 16:16:11   this is absolutely the worst management company i have ever dealt with. everyone who works for the company are crooks. the worst mistake you will ever make in your life is renting from them. i don't care how nice any of the apartments seem that they have for rent, the truth is they are all a bunch of pieces of crap underneath. i have had the worst cockroach problem inside the apartment i rented from this management company. they charge you for miscellaneous things that do not even exist. they will charge you $70 a month for wsg and then an extra $150 on top of that. you will never get your deposit back from this management company, the only way you will ever see that money again is if you take them to court. they are the worst people in the world that i have ever had to deal with and i wish they would all roll into the nearest ditch and die. all these people want to do is rip you off, they are money hungry pieces of sh**. please for your own sake do not contact this management company ever, you will be doing yourself a favor to stay far far away from these horribly corrupt individuals. i hope they go bankrupt soon so that they can stop destroying so many peoples lives who come into contact with them. i will continue to write about them everyday on this website so that somebody finally realizes how terrible these people really are. they need to be reported to the better business beareu. the apartment i lived in has mold growing in the ceilings and their response to that is to just path it up with more asbestos covered ceiling. the toilet was about to fall through our ceiling at any moment. whoever this joseph pierman guy is he is one of the worst, but andrea and kim are just as horrible. stay far away from these crooks that is the best piece of advice i can give to anyone living in davis or planning to live in davis. —usernoname

You sure this wasn't an Acadian review? Daubert

Response to "usernoname". Unfortunately, we have no idea of what you are talking about, and it is very difficult to actually resolve a problem with an anonymous poster. First, we have almost no apartments buildings under management. The couple that we do manage are under a pest control service. If you are having coackroach problems, then we can report them to the pest control company and get it resolved. The extra $150...we do not mark up any water, sewer, and garbage charges or any other services for that matter. If you are having issues with mold, toilets, or ceilings...please send an email to mark it as EMERGENCY. Or, call our 24X7 emergency number. —AndyWallace on behalf of Zabace

the people at zabace don't like the roll into a ditch and die comment Daubert