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2009-02-15 16:14:26   Welcome to the Wiki. How about leaving some positive comments, the ones you've left so far might benefit from some balance. Tell the rest of us a little about yourself; make a place for yourself here in this community. —JasonAller

2009-02-15 18:55:58   You've made your point, he has replied. Your comments are full of personal attacks that are not necessary, and as far as anyone can tell you have never even been to the shop. I will continue to revert the page until you either modify your comments or drop the subject. —DonShor

2009-02-17 08:36:35   Don you’re so lame, is this guy one of your shady relative or what? Why are you so defensive? There are dozens of folks on this lame wiki that does not have a page and there so called positive comments consider valid. I planned on taking my car to Aggie for smog in a couple of days after reading the positive comments. Unfortunately, bayer044 burst the bubble. I felt like I’ve been cheated mentally. Do you understand that? I ended up taking my car to Advanced Auto and have it tested there and it’s a lot cheaper. Comments, I posted there are facts no drama, no personal attacks, no motives. What's your motives? —vlam

2009-02-17 11:09:52   I am no relation to the owner and barely know him. I don't like to see unfounded personal attacks on local businesses. My positive review is based on my experience there. My smog check there cost $65, was handled promptly and professionally. I'm sure Advanced Auto probably does fine as well. Your comments were not based on your personal experience. You called him a crook, a liar, and a shameless businessman. Those aren't personal attacks? Tone down your rhetoric and I'll leave your comments alone. BTW, are you also srednivashtar? Don —DonShor

2009-03-27 16:47:19   Ok, here's how it works on Davis Wiki. You have posted your opinion based only on someone else's post. To a degree that is acceptable, until you start to make generalizations regarding the practices of the business owner. Many people have bad experiences with good people/businesses all the time. This does not mean that anyone is at really in the wrong. If you take a look, your initial comment has remained untouched. I recommend that you try something before you start slamming it. As you have admitted to never having had dealings with this business, nor it's owner, there is no way for you to know if your allegations are true. —MasonMurray

2010-03-06 10:20:19   Vlam, you have written posts describing a person as a liar and a crook. Ad hominem attacks are inappropriate. You can edit these posts to eliminate the attacks or I will delete them. The choice is yours. I have no relationship with you, the person or anyone else concerned. —JimStewart