Abbreviations in Ads

Back in the day, when there was no internet, most apartment ads for apartments were posted on the local newspapers. The person, who inserted the ad had to pay for each letter printed. So, in order to keep the costs of the ads low, the Germans came up with a couple of abbreviations.

Nowadays, with most announcements being posted online, this code has become obsolete. However, the abbreviations show up every once in a while and can get very confusing, even for Germans.

B Bad
D Dusche
K Kueche
Kn Kochniesche (small place for cooking)
Z or Zi Zimmer
EG Erdgeschoss (Ground floor or first floor for the Americans out there)
DG Dachgeschoss (attic)
KM Kaltmiete (rent without expenses for heaters, electricity and water: the definition is not very strict, so it may vary; just be aware, that there is going to be an extra amount you’ll have to pay on top of the rent)
WM warm: Warmmiete (rent including  heaters, electricity and water)

For more abbreviations follow the link.