November 21 - December 23

Everyday 11:00-21:00

Every year during the four weeks of Advent there is big Christmas market (Christkindlmarkt, Weihnachtsmarkt) in the inner city of Aachen. It is one of the oldest ones in Germany and is so popular that tourist from the surrounding towns and from the Netherlands come to Aachen to experience this event. Almost two hundred different market stalls offer candles, handicraft work, jewellery, decoration, delicacies and other potential Christmas presents. Of course there are also many stands, which offer barbecue, chips, smoked salmon, spaetzle and every kind of sweets you can imagine.

The market takes place in the inner city around the town hall and the cathedral. This beautiful scenery of the historical houses, festive lightning, Christmas trees and many beautiful market stands attracts around 1.5 million visitors every year.

The entrance of the Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt
Photo published by Amel on Wikimedia Creative Commons

Overview over the Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt at the marketplace
Photo published by Amel on Wikimedia Creative Commons

Many locals, e.g. students, like to got to the Christmas market in the evening to meet with friends and have a Glühwein.

Try out theses specialities:

  • Printen: Very hard, tough, sweet bakery with herbs - very famous speciality of Aachen - check Wikipedia
  • Gebrannte Mandeln: sugared, roasted almonds
  • Backfisch: This is a fried fish in batter, very greasy, a bit similar to fish and chips in Britain.
  • Heiße Maronen: Warm chestnut, baked in the oven
  • Glühwein: warm, sweet, mulled wine - makes you get drunk veeeeeery easely.
  • Glühwein mit Schuss: Glühwein level 2.0 with an additional alcohol shot, e.g. amaretto or rum
  • Eierpunsch: A bit like eggnog - a warm, sweet punch made with strong alcohol and raw eggs - often with cream on top
  • Kinderpunsch: A warm, sweet punch without alcohol - also good for adults.
  • Feuerzangenbowle: Warm, sweet mulled wine with rum - how to prepare it at home
  • Honig Met:  Warm alcoholic beverage made out of honey. It's very sweet and mild for those of you who don't like the taste of strong alcohol!


  • Even if the Weihnachtsmarkt is closed at 21:00, there is still a lot of pubs open, which serve Glühwein and other beverages
  • The reason why the market is closed on December 23rd already is, that Christmas eve is the most important day of the Christmas celebrations in Germany. That's the day when everybody is at home with their family, exchanging presents and going to church.