Eilfschornsteinstr. 15

52062 Aachen

none, but there are tables situated in the hallways

The Kármán Auditorium is one of the largest lecture hall complexes on campus. All the lecture halls and rooms beginning with the shortcut "Fo" are somewhere inside this building. The building itself is complex since the architect obviously didn't like right angles.

The two largest lecture halls, Fo1 and Fo2 with 775 and 445 seats respectively are located at the top of the stairs at the main entrance. The other lecture halls Fo3, Fo4, Fo5, Fo6, Fo7 and Fo8 are on the second floor in the northern most part of the building. Use the stairs right at the northern entrance of the complex to get there the first time.

The southern part of the building is made up of seminar rooms and usually occupied by the Sprachenzentrum.

The Forum Cafete is located across the main building on the left.


  • Underneath the stairs which lead to Fo1 and Fo2 is a large blackboard where you can find or post ads for appartments, tandem partners or stuff you want to buy or sell.