L2P is the file host that the RWTH uses to provide you with all the documents you need for your studies. In most lectures you can download the power point slides as a PDF from L2P. Sometimes the institute even publishes the slides before the lecture, so that you can look up unknown vocabulary before going to lectures or you can print out the slides and take them with you. Use them to add your own notes and explanations… in case you do this sort of things. Many institutes publish exercises, solved problems or even old exam questions on L2P.

Using the L2P is pretty straight forward. Once you have signed up for a course in Campus Office, you will automatically be added to the course in L2P. If this does not work for some reason, or if you need access to the files, but you cannot sign up yet, simply write a polite mail to the responsible assistant in the institute and ask him to add you manually.

There are two ways to access the L2P:

1.       Open the L2P in your browser and download the files manually

2.       Download the sync-my-L2P. This program will automatically download all new files for you and save them on your hard drive.

You should none the less have a look at L2P in the web from time to time, because the institutes publish relevant information on the notice board in L2P, for example exam dates, exam results or the list in which lecture hall you will sit the exam.