Find your way on the campus:

Simple, if you know how. At the RWTH every building has a four digit number and every lecture hall within this building has number. For example 1080|220 refers to room number 220 in building number 1080, which is the Reiff-Museum (you don’t need to know that). You will arrive punctually and without any stress with three simple steps:

1.       Once you have put together your timetable in Campus Office, you can see all the building numbers, where you need to go. Be careful: It is very common in Aachen that the lectures in one subject are in different lecture halls at different days of the week.

2.       Look up the address of your lecture hall by searching for the number.

3.       Copy this address to google maps – within the building follow the signs

When in doubt, you can always ask one of the many other students running around between lectures. Maybe you find this map useful as well