Pontdriesch 35 -37

52062 Aachen

Di-Sa 20:00 - open end

Likelike is THE bar for drinking Weizen. It is non of these "chic" bars, instead it's really small and run by the owner alone, who is breathtakingly fast in serving Weizenbier. The bar offers over 20 different Weizenbiers and blends ranging from the traditional plain Weizen and dark Weizen to cherry, ananas or rhubarb for the unbeatable price of only 2€ per Weizen on Weizendays, which is tuesdays and thursdays.

Besides, the bar offers a variety of beverages, longdrinks and cocktails, which aren't really exceptional though.

The bar gets really crowded on Weizendays, so prepare to either be there early or to stand. Don't plan on going there with a large group if you want to sit.