Random spot on LousbergThe Loursberg, a small mountain in the north-east of Aachen, is a popular place for the Aacheners to go for a walk, relax or do sports. There is a tower on top of the Loursberg with a slowly spinning restaurant in it.



  • There is hammocks in the north of the Lousberg with a nice view over the farmland. Even though they are not really comfortable this is a nice place for hanging out or barbecueing.
  • Enjoy the marvellous view and bonfires over Aachen at New Years Eve on Lousberg!
  • There is a 5555 m run every year on the Lousberg: the Lousberglauf
  • There is a "Kneippbath" (Kneippbad) on the Lousberg. Don't know what that is? Go find out, it's a German thing to do.
  • Aachener Akropolis is on Lousberg, it's not really like the real Akropolis at all though: The Haus Belevedere was bombed during WWII, all that is left afte the stone pillars.
  • Enjoy the view over the city!
  • There is a story about where the Lousberg comes from. When the devil was tricked by the Aacheners, he wanted revenge so he travelled all the way across the empire to the North Sea where he took a giant pile of sand from the bottom of the sea. He threw it over his shoulders in a bag and dragged it to Aachen, planning to bury the cathedral and the entire city underneath it. When he had almost arrived in Aachen, right at the place where the Lousberg is today, he took a brake and met a beggar child called Lous. He asked her: "Child tell me, how far is it to the empires capital Aachen?" Lous, who had recognized the devil because of his hooves and tail answered: "Alas, do you see my clothes? Only lumps! And do you see my shoes? I've walked so far, my soles are almost gone! When I bought my clothes and shoes at the market in Aachen, they were all new." Thinking that Aachen was still very far away, the devil decided to let go of his plan. He left the giant pile of sand right in front of the city and he went back to hell. This is why the mountain is called Lousberg and why people say, that Aacheners are "too smart for the devil".