Pontstraße is the street where most student bars and restaurants are located at. The street is right next to main campus.

The northern end of Pontstraße is marked by Ponttor, an old gate to the city walls of Aachen from the 14th century. Against persistent rumors, Ponttor no longer can be rented for parties.


  • Café Madrid
  • Sowieso/Oceans
  • Hotelux
  • Apollo: bar and movie theater at the same time
  • Likelike: Good place for drinking Weizenbier
  • Kaktus
  • Abendrot
  • Café Kittel: Go to one of the "Tatort" (popular German TV show) sessions on sundays at 20:00, it's the German thing to do
  • Mono Heidi


  • Labyrinth: restaurant with a nice backyard
  • White House: nice cocktails
  • Vielharmonie: plenty of space and cheap all you can eat buffet, somewhat unfriendly service though
  • Kathy's Frietnesse: most famous french fries of Aachen
  • De Fries: the less popular fries place opposite to Kathys fritnesse, not bad either
  • Pont Pasha: great pizza (get the extra cheap student pizza S1-Sx) and ask for extra sauce (chilli sauce and garlic (although delicous, better not add this sauce if you have group projects or a date in the evening))
  • Pont Grill
  • Chicken Pont: cheap and delicious food
  • Pizza dalla Mamma: very good pizza
  • Tang: the most authentic Chinese food on Pontstraße. Go with a Chinese and ask for the Chinese menu to get the good stuff.
  • Pont Asia: cheap asian style food
  • Oishii: Japanese food
  • Papillon: bar/café/restaurant; has a nice view over Aachen and plenty of space for events
  • Polonia: delishious Polish food
  • Mama Tai
  • AKL: awesome Libanese food
  • Nobis: bakery with some nice snacks (go for "Streuselbrötchen")
  • Cuperella: don't go there without a girlfriend
  • Chico Mendes: café of the catholic church; fair prices and plenty of space
  • Best friends: good authentic Asian food
  • Pont Garten: nice backyard available, service somewhat uncoordinated
  • Wrap Man: rather expensive but very fresh and delicious wraps