Rudi Rockt is the name of a very popular cooking event that is held in Aachen 5 times a year. The name “Rudi” stands for “running dinner” and this means that you be eating three different courses, in three different private flats, with three different groups of people at one evening. It does not cost any fee, but in return you and your cooking partner will prepare one course for a group of 6 people, who visit you in your flat. Usually this is accompanied by drinking a fair amount of alcoholic beverages and after the desert everyone goes out to party.

I have participated five times so far and always had a tremendous evening - getting to know many new people, visiting many different flats and trying some unknown recipes.

How is this organized and how can you take part?

  1. Check out when the next Rudi Rockt event will take place and when you need to enrol for this event
  2. Now you need to find a cooking partner, for example your flat mate or a friend. You will be spending the entire evening with this partner.
  3. Together you decide in which flat / kitchen you will host the guests who are invited to your course and which course ( starter, main meal, desert ) you would like to prepare.
  4. Both of you create an account on
  5. You register for the upcoming event and invite your cooking partner to join your team via the website. During the registration you enter the address of the flat, where you want to host your course and the course that you would like to prepare. Usually most people want to prepare the starters and nobody wants to prepare the main course. Therefore the system cannot fulfil all the wishes and you might be given a different course than you would have preferred.
  6. A few days before the actual event you will receive a mail with the course that you need to cook and with a list of your guests. If one of your guests is a vegetarian or has any intolerance to a food ingredient, he will state so on this list. The same mail will provide you with your planning for the evening, when you need to be where.
  7. Warn your neighbors – Rudi Rockt dinners are not always very quiet evenings ;-)
  8. Buy the necessary ingredients for your course in time. Usually there are over 2000 people participating in this event. They cause a big run on the supermarkets at the day of the event. Don’t forget to organize enough drinks for your guests.
  9. Cook your delicious course and enjoy the evening
  10. Go crazy at the official Rudi Rockt Party after the desert
  11. Clean up the mess at the next morning

There is always one Rudi Rockt event in November and one in April to celebrate the start of the new semester. Another event (short before Christmas) is called “Rudi Wichtelt”. Everybody brings a small present (max. 2€) to the first course and gives it to one of the others.