There are many study rooms on campus. There is some space in almost every building where you can study, and there are some buildings which are for studying only.

Usually, it's quite easy to find a place to work on your excercises but as the finals approach it gets significantly more difficult. During the worst weeks, you can observe hundreds of students lining up in front of the libraries hoping to get a place to work as soon as the doors open.


You can find a complete list of study rooms and opening times on this website:

In the following I will only describe the most important ones

  • Mogam, situated in the Kármánstraße 15a, if you are standing in front of the main building and walk down the little foot path at the right hand side of the Kármán Auditorium you will see a modern, new glass building dedicated to studying.
  • Sparkassen Forum, there is a lot of space in the cellar below the SuperC, Templergraben 57
  • Semi90, if there is no lecture, the rooms may be used as study area, open 24 hours, Templergraben 90
  • Audimax, there are 2 study rooms in the cellar below the Audimax, with windows! Wüllnerstraße 9
  • Zentralbibliothek, silent study room, you need to leave your bag in the locker, Templergraben 61
  • Bibliothek 2, silent study room, right to the left hand side of the Zentralbibliothek
  • The main library is in Templergraben 61, you need to go here to activate your Bluecard as a library card. You can use scanner, printer or copy stations and you can ask for help with your research. There are study halls upstairs.
  • The “Lehrbuchsammlung” is a library for textbooks, very useful to revise lectures, Wüllnerstraße 3