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Welcome to the LocalWiki region for Albuquerque, New Mexico!

This local wiki has been created for locals, by locals. Initially started by Code for ABQ, the goal is to curate unique and interesting information and resources about places, things, and ideas of interest, including (but not limited to):

This is NOT a page for general info that you can get that from ABQ’s regular wiki page.
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Notes about version 1:

Version of 1 of this LocalWiki was created by Team Local Wiki (Daniel, Jeff, Jon, Zak, Joanna, and Loren) at Code for ABQ’s Quarterly Hack on February 25, 2017. We ran into several issues with LocalWiki. We were not able to get access to the localwiki.org/albuquerque/ (Alonso could find password) so we created a new one. We started to research how to import with the API when we realized that we did not want to import all the general Wikipedia page. Instead, we wanted more curated information, events and resources that only locals would know. The built in editor did not respond to inline css, html attributes, tracking tags for analytics, or old school page counter (html). It wraps everything into p tags. Caching also seems to be an issue on this wiki, you need to reload multiple times and edits to appear immediately. We basically concluded that the editing capabilities are for the masses and are protected to prevent bag things from happening.


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