The following are alphabetical lists of miscellaneous People associated with the early Adelaide Hills Region which contain information compiled by:  [RB] - Reg Butler (Hahndorf);  [JKS] - JK Stokes (ex Mt Barker); Max Nitschke and other sources.  Generally, snippets of information regarding the respective person/s are provided, however, links to pages containing more extensive information are given where available.  Please add relevant additional information/corrections/comments as desired.

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Names - 'S'


[RB]  -  After Albert Schroeder died, his widow Johanne nee Temme continued to manage the farm with the help of her brother Julius Temme until her youngest son Dick was old enough to take over the running of the property.  Shortly before Dick married Annie Nitschke in early 1919, his father-in-law Alfred Nitschke built a stone house across the valley from the old home for the young couple to live in.  Then the old house was demolished and Johanne Schroeder went to live in her brother’s house in Hahndorf.  Later, she and her daughter Alma went to live in one of the Temme properties at Glenelg for many year before returning to Hahndorf to live in Alma’s house next to the Institute.  Johann Schroeder shifted to a low and damp cottage over the road for some years, and then shortly before dying at a great age, returned to live with Alma.

Julius Temme m Albert Schroeder’s sister Mathilde nee Schroeder.

Will Schroeder cut out a new road higher up on the hill on their corner paddock to avoid the sharp bend at Nitschke’s Corner.  He then became a clerk and later stationmaster in the SAR.  He and his wife, nee Ella Miller, finally had a corner store at Prospect.

Eduard Schroeder grew grapes and peas.  Dick and Annie Schroeder grew peas and potatoes.  Their wedding reception held at Ben and Alma Paech’s Union Hotel at Hahndorf.  Her sister Alma Nitschke also had her reception there after marrying Ben Heinjus.

Alma Schroeder was a good cook.  She used to go out with her husband Ren Gallasch in a caravan to attend to his bee-hives in country areas.  Later cooked in the shearers’ quarters in various S-E farms for Gus Nitschke and Jim Hicks when they went clover seed raking and threshing there in the late 1940s.

(Max's Hahndorf)


[RB]  -  Had a farm at Nangari against the Vic border.  Went bankrupt and shifted to Mannum where the father was a rabbit inspector for the Mannum DC.  Their son, Ken Schulze, stayed with his aunt, Mrs Gus Nitschke, while he received outpatient treatment at the Children’s Hospital for exzma which he had contracted.  He went to the Hahndorf Public School during this time.  Later became a projectionist for a large picture theatre chain in SA.  Mrs Schulze was a Werner.  Sister Barbara became an accomplished pianist, but died young,

(Max's Hahndorf)

SCHUMACHER, Franz (Frank)

[RB]  -  A member of a windmilling family in Germany, F Schumacher emigrated to SA to become miller at the Rosenthal (Rosedale) steam-flour mill (originally water-powered).  After that business closed, the Schumachers ran a shop on Magill Rd, Stepney, and then Franz took a position with Gill, Gellert & Co’s flour mill at Glanville.  When that firm bought the Bridgewater Mill during 1903, FR Schumacher became head miller there. In all, he worked for three proprietors until retirement in 1924.  The Schumachers lived in a house, marked by a huge pine tree, against the Mt Barker Road, on the Aldgate side of the Bridgewater Hotel.  Franz’s daughter Celia was a pupil teacher for CH Walker, headmaster of the Bridgewater Public School, just before World War 1.

SCOTT, Chris Steele (27/4/1940-11/5/2014)


[VV#38-Obit]  -  Chris lived a passionate and vigorous life.  Her family always came first and she is survived by her husband, Nigel, 4 children and 7 grandchildren.  Her strong interest in the arts and botany is reflected by her wide community involvement, particularly in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the Royal Show Council, The Open Gardens Scheme and many others for which she was awarded an OAM.  Moving from the city to the hills to have a bigger garden she became involved as Marketing Manager of the Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium which she drove vigorously.  She was also a force in the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden Support group, the Board of the Hahndorf Academy and the Adelaide Hills Tourism Committee.  With everyone she worked with she forged strong links and friendships. Goodbye Chris and thank you for all you have done in your life for the community and all.

[JKS]  -  Squatting in Mt Barker area 1839.


[RB]  - Publican Gray’s Inn 1880

SEARCY, Alfred

[JKS]  -  Son of William Searcy who was one of the first police officers in the town and who went on to become the colony's first chief inspector.  Alfred was born in Mt Barker in 1854 and educated at Dumas' School and later at Pultney Grammar School.  In 1869 he was indentured with the Adevertiser  as a journalist.  He stayed with the paper for four years and then joined the Customs Department.  He once saved a woman and child from drowning and earned a certificate from the Royal Humane Society of London.  He married in 1876 to Jane Annette Rainsford and had seven children - 3 girls and 4 boys.  In the 1880's he went to Darwin to direct the collection of Customs fees.  He spent some time in dealing with Chinese, Macassans, Queensland smugglers and other law breakers.  By 1896 he had returned to Adelaide and followed his brother Arthur into politics, becoming clerk assistant to the Sergeant at Arms of the House of Assembly.  He became Clerk of the House himself in 1918 and Clerk of the Parliament in 1920.  A published author as well as a journalist, Alfred Searcy wrote about his time in the Territory and his work there as a Customs officer.  He died in Adelaide in 1925.

SEARCY, Sgt. William [JKS]  -  One of the first police officer in the town.  Sgt. Searcy arrived in SA on 3 September 1849, and was married to Charlotte Edwin Roffe, and due to his diligence within the police force, later became the colony's first chief inspector of police.  His son Alfred was born at Mt Barker and educated at Dumas' school there before going on to Pultney Grammar School.  He became an indentured journalist with the Advertister, and another son Arthur was also well known in the state.  Sgt. Searcy established the police station at Echunga, and also the regular visits to the Echunga goldfields, for the purposes of checking and issuing mining licenses.

[RB]  -  Lived on Carey Gully Road in the 1950s.  A labourer. Returned WW 2 solider - New Guinea.  Tramways conductor.  Then a shoeshop in Bridgewater; later a chemist shop.  Then retired.  Also a traveller.  Retired to Queensland.  Close to the station to go to work.  Built to avoid the Freeway, which then came through anyhow.  BName of wife.  Date of deaths.

SEXTON, Alfred

[RB]  - Shoemaker Callington 1870s

[JKS]  -  Proprietor of the Blakiston Arms inn built in 1851 and who leased the hotel to its first registered licensee in 1852 - Thomas O'Donoughue.

SHARRAD, Allan Horace (c1834-2/7/1910)

[RB]  -  A Surrey labourer, he emigrated SA 1857 Lady Ann, with his wife, Amelia, and three sons.  For 9 years, AH Sharrad worked for Sir John Morphett on his farm, Cummins, at Glenelg.  Then Allan spent 25 years in the employ of Sir Thomas Elder at Birksgate, Glen Osmond.  When Sir Thomas organised an inland expedition across much of SA and WA during 1873 (under Colonel Peter Warburton’s command), A Sharrad brought back 17 camels and supplies of Athol Pine (Tamarisk Aphyla), the animals’ staple food, from Afghanistan for the purpose.  Allan also carted the stone for his employer’s new summer home, The Pinnacles (later renamed Carminow by the JL Bonython family), at Mt Lofty.  In retirement, AH Sharrad lived at Plympton, on a generous pension supplied by Robert Barr Smith, Sir Thomas Elder’s brother-in-law.  Chronicle 9/7/1910 45d.

SHARRAD, Gilbert Allan Horace ‘Gill’. (4/2/1894- ?)

[RB]  -  Son of Robert Sharrad, gardener, Stirling West.  His grandfather, Allan Sharrad, a Surrey labourer, aged 31 emigrated SA 1857 Lady Ann with his wife and three sons.  During his 25 years working for Sir Thomas Elder at Birksgate, he brought out the 1st camels for Elder’s expeditions.  Athol pines (Tamarisk Aphylla) the staple food for camels in Afghanistan, brought out as well for the camels to eat.  Sharrads lived in a cottage on the Birksgate estate, on the corner of Glen Osmond and Cross Rd.  Allan Sharrad Senr also carted the stone for Elder’s home, Carminow, on Mt Lofty.  Gill Sharrad lived on Woodbury Road.  Was he a butcher.  Names. Names. Names.

SHEPHERDSON, John Banks, (1809-1897)


[JKS]  - John Banks Shepherdson and his family arrived in SA on 28th October 1837 aboard the ship "Hartley".  In 1838 he moved from Adelaide to the Mt Barker area as a schoolmaster.  He was 29 years old at the time.  He had been sent to SA to organise the Education Department, as the first Director of Schools in the colony.

In 1842 he kept the first post office to officially operate in the town, in the front room of his hut.  This hut later became a Tin Smith shop and was on the corner of Main Street and Gawler Street (Main Street no longer exists).  He later built a house in Mt Barker which was occupied by Mr Fleet in the 1950's. 

On 10 July 1846, he was present at the first meeting held by local men including Allan McFarlane and John Bull, which was held at the Nairne Chapel, with a view to  building a church at Blakiston.

He was appointed to the Mt Barker Bench as a clerk in 1847 and when the Local Court Act was passed in 1850, was also the first clerk of the Local Court of Mt Barker.

In addition to his other duties, John Banks Shepherdson also owned and operated a small portable saw-bench which he operated during 1849, cutting posts and fence palings and rails for the locals to build their homes.

When his health broke down, he moved to Echunga where he spent the rest of his life.

[JKS]  -  Arrived in SA on "Hartley" in 1837 with his wife and famiy. He went to Mt Barker as a schoolmaster in 1838.  He was later appointed as a Stipendiary Magistrate, and in 1847 was the post master at Mt Barker.


[RB]  -  Born at East Heslerton, nr Scarborough, Yorks, England.  Trained as a schoolteacher, JB Shepherdson arrived SA 1837 Hartley, with his wife and family.  Grandly appointed Director of Schools in SA, John organised the first classroom around a wooden building formerly used by the Bank of SA in North Tce, Adelaide, opposite Trinity Church.  Heat and worry caused Shepherson’s health to give way and he renounced teaching for the post as Manager of the SA Joint Stock Cattle Co between Echunga and Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills.  When this venture failed momentarily during 1840, JB Shepherdson farmed at Nairne until 1847.  Then he acted as Clerk of the Mt Barker Local Court until 1861, when he became Stipendiary Magistrate at Wallaroo.  Here Mr Shepherdson stayed until his death in active old age, respected throughout the region.

SHOEBRIDGE, James Jervois (?-17/4/1961)

[RB]  - Agent Mt Barker 1920s.

Seed merchant in partnership with William Murray between 1927-1950, and then by himself until his own death in 1961.

17/4/1961 JJ Shoebridge died.  Executors Roy Vernon Pridmore medical practitioner, Leslie Warren Jacobs company secretary and Herbert Williams accountant Mt Barker.


[RB]  - Publican Mt Barker Hotel 1914-1920
SHUEARD family

[RB]  -  Tom Shueard opened a general store in opposition to his brother-in-law and neighbour AH Miller.  Millers had a few groceries and operated as a hairdressers.  Also became an agency for most newspapers, which Eddie Miller used to manage.  Posts had the agency for Sunday Mails.

(Max's Hahndorf)

SIMPSON, Walter & descendants

[JKS]  - Refer to - SIMPSON, Walter & descendants            

[JKS]  -  Walter, certificate of freedom convict - blacksmith, carpenter and bullock team driver, carted goods to outlying farms from Adelaide, including Aboriginal rations.  Built a house on the corner of Mann and Hutchinson streets (knocked down in 1949) which had underground rooms in it.  He married in 1843 in Hobart, to Mary Ann Scammell, the daughter of William Scammell, silversmith, of London, who had gone to Tasmania as nurse to the children of the first Baptist minister in Van Dieman's Land, the Reverend Henry Dowling.  They had four children born in Tasmania and several more in South Australia.  Two of their daughters married brothers James and Joseph Barclay Berry, who were both school teachers in the general area for a number of years.  Walter died in 1876 and is buried at St James' Blakiston, while his widow lived until 1910 and is buried in West Terrace.

SISSON, Samuel ( ? -Died 20/10/1868)

[RB]  -  A sawyer, Samuel and his family arrived in Cox Creek 1854.  He became an early purchaser of allotments in the new township of Bridgewater, opposite the Bridgewater Hotel, and also bought small portions of Sections 1135 & 1153, Hundred of Onkaparinga, in the vicinity of Mt George.  Samuel brought these properties under the provisions of the Real Property Act only days before his unfortunate death.  In time, S Sisson became a foundation labourer at the Bridgewater Mill.  Late in 1868, Bridgewater citizens learnt that Samuel had fatally shot himself in a paddock beside the house garden.  ‘He was a man of sober, temperate habits, and highly respected by everyone that knew him ...  He leaves a wife and four children.’  The Widow Sisson succeeded William Radford as Bridgewater’s postmistress during 1873.  She sold her business to George Rudd in 1881.  Who was Mrs Sisson?

SISSON, Elizabeth Eliza

[RB]  - Widow Mt Barker 1870s.  Perhaps the widow of John Sisson?


[RB]  -  Perhaps Gowans Ernest Slape b 30/12/1914 Stonyfell.  Son of William Henry Thomas Slape and Anna Isabel nee LAMBDEN.  Ganger at Ambleside Station by early 1940s

(Max's Hahndorf)

SLATER,  Merle Agnes (//c1888-15/11/1964)

[RB]  -  Born apparently SA perhaps at Upper Sturt or Scott Creek dnr.  Died Stirling SA (of Bridgewater).  Parents – Rinsa Slater & Amelia Hines nee BRADLEY.  This family lived at Upper Sturt, when their eldest daughter Myrtle Slater was born 6/6/1883.  Had shifted to Scott Creek by 1889.  Had a family of at least fourteen children – Merle Agnes Slater would have been the third child all girls – the eldest son George was born next.

Rinsa Slater (//c1857-4/6/1939) Born perhaps Noarlunga/Scott Creek SA dnr.  Died Scott Creek SA. Parents – John Slater & Eliza nee RICHMOND

Mrs Rinsa Slater nee Amelia Hines Bradley (29/11/1865-29/9/1932).  Born near Crafers SA. Died Stirling West (of Scott Creek).

(Max's Hahndorf)

SMILLIE, Matthew

[JKS]  -  Farmer - lived at Nairne.  He was a lawyer for Scotland who came to SA to be a land owner - and that he did, having purchased over 4000 acres in the district.  He married Elizabeth Corse Nairne, after whom he named the town of Nairne.  Mrs. Smillie could often be seen driving to "town" in a dray with a large sofa strapped to it for her comfort.  She would almost always be escorted by her servant, a tall Afro-American who wore a silk top hat.  They could always be seen thus, on a Sunday going up the hill to church.

SMITH's of many varieties

[JKS]  - "Francis Isaac Smith and Frederick Charles Smith were brothers and early settlers of Mount Barker.  The former was appointed clerk of the District Council in 1867 and retained the office for a long period.  In addition to these duties he was a manufacturer of ginger beer, and thus earned the soubriquet of "Ginger Beer Smith".  His brother Fred. C. Smith, will always be remembered as associated with the firm of J.G. Ramsay & Co.  He lived to a goodly age, and his son Fred, residing in Mount Barker, has in his possession two interesting maps of Mount Barker, one drawn by Mr. F.C. Smith, evidently from and earlier plan showing the settlement of the town in 1851.  It was a photograph from this that was used to produce the block used in a recent issue of the "Courier" to illustrate the origin of street names.  The other is a map issued by the firm of Townsend, Botting & Co. to advertise the sale of unsold allotments in Mount Barker township.  This sale took place at the Oakfield Hotel in 1866.  The sons of Mr. F.C. Smith have all made a name for themselves, and a grandson, Mr. Leslie Smith, is electrician for the electric service in Mount Barker."
-Early Mount Barker - Who Was Who? - Rev. W. Gray, Mt Barker Courier July 11 1930

SMITH, Bob family

[RB]  -  Bob Smith was a barber in what later became Howard Hill’s shoe repair shop.  The Smith children – Bob and Coralie – went to Hahndorf PS.  Young Bob later moved to Kingston S-E.

(Max's Hahndorf)

SMITH, EGP family

[RB]  -  Old Norton drove the horse-drawn delivery van.  Vic Hill took over when Norton retired; gave up horses when petrol rationing ended and drove a van instead.  Gus Nitschke bought the horse Socks, and gave it to his son Max who used Socks for drawing sulkies and doing scrub mustering on his farm in the South-East.

(Max's Hahndorf)

SMITH, Frederick Ginger Beer

[RB]  - Affliction sore long time I bore

Physicians were in vain

Till God did please that death should seize

And ease me of my pain.

Inscription on GB Smith’s tombstone in Blakiston Cemetery (now destroyed)

SPENCE, Samuel

[RB]  - Storekeeper Nairne.  In business for c15 years.  Buried on Christmas Day 1865.  Quiet, upright and industrious man.  Member and office holder of the Flinders Lodge of Oddfellows.  A member of the Mt Barker Rifles, who marched in the funeral procession ‘with arms reversed to the grave, under the command of Captain Paltridge and Lieutenant Waddell.  Three volleys were as usual fired over the grave.  Foundation of the Nairne Rifles some six years ago.  Very large funeral procession.  Oddfellows wore black sashes.  A member of the Presbyterian Church.  The Rev’d A Law of Mt Barker took the funeral.  Widow and four small children.

STARLING, Louisa (?-5/11/1893)

[RB]  - Louisa Starling died 5/11/1893 Keswick, daughter Louisa (Mrs PW Jones, aged 76.  Late of Mt Barker.  One of the earliest shopkeepers in the town.
STEER, Joseph (c1819- d 20/3/1892)

[RB]  -  Born Devon.  To SA 1856 Gomelza, as an agricultural labourer.  He married Jessie, nee Richardson, also Devon-born, who emigrated SA Catherine 1851.  The young couple first lived at Beaumont, where Joseph was gardener to Sir Samuel Davenport at Beaumont House.  c1868, the Steers removed to Bridgewater.  Here, J Steer became a market gardener for the rest of his life.  Descendants remain in the district.  The pioneer Steer property is now called Hilltop, on Radbone Rd.


[RB]  -  William Charles Stephens m Alice Eva Regina nee RUGE

Douglas Charles Stephens b 4/4/1922 Ambleside.

Bill Stephens used to ride his bike to work as a labourer and look after the chicken sheds at Cowells. Rode home after he felt unwell and died of a burst appendix.

(Max's Hahndorf)

STEPHENSON, Thomas Henry

[JKS]  -  Arrived in Mt Barker in 1858 - worked in a general store for his uncle Samuel Cook, builder of the "White house", founding member of the Institute.  His family still reside in the town.

STEVENS, Charles Henry & descendants [JKS]  - Refer to - STEVENS, Charles Henry & descendants

[RB]  -  JB Stevenson family lived in Hahndorf for c20 years.  Left Hahndorf to live in Unley cOctober 1915 Observer 23/10/1915 p422a

(Max's Hahndorf)

STOCKS, Samuel

[JKS]  -  Donated part of the land that Blakiston Church stands on.

STOKES, Joseph & descendants

[JKS]  - Refer to - STOKES, Joseph & descendants

[JKS]  -  Joseph, certificate of freedom convict, previously in the employ of Joseph Hawdon and Charles Bonney during their overland trek from NSW, arriving in SA 1838.  Married to Ann Adams in 1846, lived in the area of Mt Barker Springs and Wistow.  Descendants still live in the town today - I am one of them.

STONE, Frederick

[RB]  - Christ Church SS picnics held in his paddock at Parkindula.  He was an auctioneer in partnership with Richard Cornelius. Auctioneer, money-lender and collector of debts.  Rowdy meeting at Nairne to protest against his appointment as a JP.  Hahndorf Germans Stone supporters.  ET Parsons ‘If this kind of thing was allowed, they would be perhaps appointing a blackfellow next
STOREY, John Clement (1915-2001) [AMF]  -  Refer to - STOREY, John

[JKS]  -  Kept the "Crooked Billet Inn" at Nairne in 1841

SUTER, Edward

[RB]  - 1871 Possibly a bootmaker. E Suter bootmaker Adelaide late 1870s.

Also possibly a glass merchant.  He was a glass merchant on emigrating in the Prince Regent 1839.  Died 7/12/1891.

SYMONDS, Thomas George (?-5/6/1944)

[RB]  - Butcher Mt Barker 1920s.

He made new sub-divisions out of Allotments 105-106.

Names - 'T'

TAMAR, Bessie

[JKS]  -  Nurse to McFarlane children.

TAYLOR, Eliza Emery (?-5/12/1892)

[RB]  - Widow Blakiston, formerly of North Adelaide.  Daughter of Benjamin Gray, Littlehampton.

TEAR, Edward

[JKS]  - Edward Tear was a Methodist minister, and will be remembered by some of the older people,  He had retired from the active ministry and kept a store at the corner of Dutton Place and Maclaren Street.
-Early Mount Barker - Who Was Who? - Rev. W. Gray, Mt Barker Courier July 11 1930


[RB]  -  Thieles had a better shop than Kramms.  Made wedding bouquets and funeral wreaths in conjunction with the shop – for the silly and the dead.  Crepe flowers also used as well as fresh flowers.  Recycled old wreath-holders from the cemetery to make new wreaths.  Dressed children in unsold stock after the shop closed in the mid-1920s.  Sold mushrooms in the large shed.  JO Thiele took his children out on the open range hills between Callington and Nairne to pick the mushrooms, carried back home in cans hung on the back of the family car.  Old mushrooms used to make ketchup.

JO Thiele family owned a T Model Ford.  Then had a four-seater Whippet sedan, nicknamed The Fowl House, next – used to hire it out to take people to the Oakbank races.

Dora Thiele became chauffeur and housekeeper to a wealthy Mr Stevens at Mylor who owned a Rolls Royce.  He retired to Sydney and Dora and Nellie Iremonger went with him to work for him.  She inherited Mr Stevens house and left her considerable money to her youngest sister Eldie.

Venie Thiele was a bit rough but could work hard and put her hand to anything to make money – faster than any man at wattle stripping.

(Max's Hahndorf)

THIELE, Samuel & descendants [JKS]  - Refer to - THIELE, Samuel & descendants

THOMAS, Benjamin

[RB]  -  Cattle dealer Mt Barker 1870s

[JKS]  -  Mail coach driver between Mt Barker & Strathalbyn.

THOMPSON, Harry [JKS]  -  Son of Theodore.  Builder & Stone Mason, built several of the fine homes in the town.

THOMPSON, Theodore Horatio

[JKS]  - Refer to - THOMPSON, Theodore Horatio & descendants

[JKS]  -  Gentleman farmer, built a house on the corner of Sims Road and Wellington Roads Mt Barker.  Descendants still live in the town today - I am one of them.


[JKS]  -  Arrived in 1849 lived at Nairne, had a tannery there, which still stands near the creek where he built it shortly after arrival in the town.  The shop front now hold the curio shop called "Upstairs Downstairs", which specialises in things Victorian.

TONKIN, Edith Isabel

[RB]  -  b 3/10/1869 Callington, daughter of Charles Tonkin & Eliza Cecilia nee FULLER.

(Max's Hahndorf)

TONKIN, William

[JKS]  -  Lived in Mt Barker as early as 1842.  There were two William Tonkin's in the town - and were related.  One lived near Peringa mine, the other in the town near the Mt Barker Creek opposite the old tannery area, alongside the tree in which trooper Uphill once lived.  (Letter home to his family)

TRAEGER family

[RB]  -  Lived at Rebensberg after Paul Braendler bought the property from Dick and Annie Schroeder.  The family worked for Paul Braendler. Children – Lottie, Syd, Clarrie and Ruth m Caldicott.  Traegers at last moved to Mt Barker.  Paul Braendler then bought Gottlob Hirte’s farm, built a new house and installed a dairy, using Illawarra shorthorn cows.  He worked the two properties together, using a track above Mooneys to move the stock between Rebensberg and Hirtes.

(Max's Hahndorf)


[RB]  -  Alexander Thomas Trenter & Olive nee BOWER his wife.  Lived in the main street of Hahndorf.  Father had been widowed.  Sold Jacobs small goods from a cart fitted out with bicycle wheels.  Son Keith Trenter attended Hahndorf Public School.  Born 27/5/1920 at Echunga.  Parents at Murray Bridge by 1910 at Echunga by 1916.

(Max's Hahndorf)

TRILLING, Albert (c1832- d 19/12/1877)

[RB]  -  Land titles reveal that Albert Trilling did not buy the Lion Mill property at Cox Creek, but apparently purchased the machinery at the dispersal sale held in 1872. This equipment helped establish Trilling’s new Jamestown mill in SAs mid-north.  Five years later, the former Lion Mill steam engine turned out to be a killer.  Albert Trilling became caught in the flywheel and then fell into the pit beneath, as he tried to shut down the works at 6.30pm on 19 December 1877, just before Christmas; a half an hour later, he died from horrific injuries.  All shops closed and general work ceased, while Jamestown mourned at the funeral the next afternoon.  Bachelor Albert was extremely popular for his unstinting community work and fair judgements as one of Jamestown’s leading JPs.

TYDEMANN, William Godfrey

[RB]  - Possibly arrived Prince Regent 1852 with family.  Publican Low’s Inn 1862, Mt Barker Hotel 1870-1871.

11/5/1861  Alexander Low licensed victualler Mt Barker to William Godfrey Tydemann storekeeper Mt Barker £380.

3/11/1863   Lease to Roderick McKenzie saddler Mt Barker five years at £33 a year.  Tydemann went to Macclesfield as a storekeeper.  An auctioneer at Woodside in 1864.  At Kadina 1866 at Morphett Vale by 1869.  His first wife, Martha Maria Tydeman, died 26/8/1864 Mt Barker, ‘after a long and painful illness’, aged 36.  His second wife called Charlotte ?  His father, coal merchant William Tydeman, died 28/6/1862 Romford, Essex, England, aged 57.  How was he related to James Tydeman, who died 13/2/1895?  Very likely that WG Tydeman left SA in the 1870s.

TYRIE, Ernest George Ainslie currier

[RB]  - Trustee, Mt Barker Institute

Names - 'U'

UPHILL, George

[RB]  - Publican Crown Hotel 1854-1858; Globe Hotel (Pridmore Tce-original Adelaide Road) 1859-1862.  He founded this hotel and was its only publican.