The Cedars ... in good hands

Extract from Village Voice 3, Spring 2005

Allan Campbell leading a tourAfter completing a five year diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Design, Allan Campbell started a garden design business in Sydney.  In 1980, he moved to Hahndorf and established the 'Hahndorf Country Garden', a retail plant nursery at 20 Main Street.

After 10 years, he sold the Nursery and took on specific garden restoration projects - primarily at 'The Cedars' - the historic property of the artist Hans Heysen.  When the Heysen family made the decision to open 'The Cedars' to the nation in 1994, Allan changed managerial hats and took on the curatorial role of custodian of the historic estate.

Based on an earlier teaching career specializing in art, the culmination of which was a thesis paper completed on Heysen in the 1970's, Allan is a walking encyclopedia of this precious and well kept secret in the Adelaide Hills.  His curatorial duties also include the presentation and conservation of the art collection, not only the paintings and drawings of Hans Heysen and his daughter, Nora, but also that of the antique furniture, persian and oriental carpets, the superb library of books and valuable artifacts housed at 'The Cedars'.  Allan is also the President of the Hahndorf Landcare Group. 'Trees Please', which is currently carrying out conservation work on the 60 hectare Heysen property.

Allan is married to Ros and has three children and with the Heysen family's blessing, has recently become the proud owner of a rammed earth and cedar residence on the historic Hahndorf property.  (Sadly, after a lengthy illness, Ros passed away in April 2013)

Order of Australia Medal (OAM)

Allan David Campbell, Hahndorf SA received an OAM on Australia Day 2019 “for service to conservation and the environment”

Allan Campbell

  • Curator, The Cedars, since 1992.
  • President, Trees Please Inc, since 1999.
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Hans Heysen Foundation, current.
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees, Nora Heysen Foundation, current.
  • Former Board Member, Hahndorf Academy.
  • Former Chairman, now current Committee Member, Heysen Sculpture Biennial Inc.