A Collective of Adelaide Hills Based Artists

ArtsExcentrix exhibit, perform and conduct workshops in a wide variety of artforms in the city and country.  We work with people of all ages and abilities and with different communities to help them define and express what is unique and important to them.

Workshops include percussion, dance, paving and mosaics, painting and drawing, textile arts, sculpture and public art, creative writing and more.



For further information regarding Arts Excentrix, please contact one of the following:

  • Suzi Windham  -  ph (08) 8388 5592

  • Andrew McNicol   - ph 0435081756 [email protected]

  • Lynn Elzinga Henry  -  ph (08) 8339 1478

  • Glen Reynolds  -  ph (08) 8370 8509    mob: 0419 922 242    

History and Aims

Arts Excentrix is a collective of artists living in the Adelaide Hills, formed over 20 years ago as a community based dance company. It was then called Dance Excentrix.  The activities have expanded over the years to include artists involved in visual arts and crafts, theatre, literature, music and new media including recording and DVD production of events.  The collective changed the name to Arts Excentrix in 2003 to better reflect the spectrum of artforms represented.

The aims of Arts Excentrix are to promote the arts as a vehicle for developing and expressing a sense of community.  Arts Excentrix endeavours to provide arts learning and practice mainly to communities in the Adelaide Hills and regional South Australia ranging from the Murray lands to the Fleurieu Peninsula, working with indigenous and non-indigenous communities.  The primary role of the Arts Excentrix artists is to conduct art activities (such as workshops) that cover the whole art spectrum, with and for the community.

The communities primarily served are those in areas that do not have the easy access to artforms and have not had the opportunity to benefit from the 'wellness' derived from individually and collectively creating artworks and have not experienced the richness of life that results from utilising their creativity.

Arts Excentrix also endeavours to provide a mentoring role for the youth in the communities by providing support, resources and opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them.

Arts Excentrix Artists

Current Arts Excentrix artists include:

  • Jenni Bolto

  • Jeanette Booth-Remmers

  • Anni Luur Fox

  • Lynn Elzinga-Henry

  • Amaya Heywood

  • Andrew McNicol

  • Anya McNicol-Windram

  • Asher Reynolds

  • Glen Reynolds

  • Suzi Windram