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Established in 1868 by George Hunt, Ashton is a tiny hamlet surrounded by fruit orchards, including cherries, apples, lemons, and pears.

Ashton's early population was sparse, and most probably centred on the South Australian Company, judging from the area's early name of Company's Tiers.   By the early 1980s there was a store, post office, church, Rechabite hall and scattering of homes.

While the town's livelihood centres on fruit production, the district features other industries, including Weald View Gardens nursery, Munn's Auldwood Cider Factory and a spring water business.  Also of interest to visitors is Ashton Hills Vineyard, a small cool-climate winery.

Ashton's visual heritage is well scattered. The most obvious item, on Monomeith Road, is the almost church-like structure (now a private dwelling) of the former Rechabite Hall (1880s).  The old Methodist Church, on the main road, and the former store (1880s) are also now residences.

(Extract from Adelaide Hills Council  History & Heritage  published October 2013)

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