LOCATION:   77 Main Street, Hahndorf

Natural History, Specimens, Minerals, Fossils

Phone:  (08) 8388 7218     eMail:  [email protected]

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Australian Minerals (Est.1968) is one of Australia’s longest established retailer of Australian and worldwide mineral specimens and fossils, and provides Hahndorf with a unique display for visitors.  Trading for over forty years, Australian Minerals also has a wide selection of shells, insects, natural history items, crystals and crystal healing items.  Australian minerals provide many worldwide collectors, universities, state museums and research institutes with their specimens, alongside a worthwhile stop for those casually visiting Hahndorf.

Supplying both the casual and dedicated collector, as well as Universities, schools, museums and research establishments with:

  • Mineral specimens  (over 700 different species in stock)
  • Fossils  (from pre-cambrian till recent times)
  • Shells  (world wide localities but specializing in Indo-Pacific; thousands of species available)
  • Insects  (both butterflies, beetles etc – 100’s of species with specimens up to 30cms long)
  • Marine life, Spiders, taxidermy specimens
  • Crystals  (there are several hundred types with meta-physical properties)
  • Books  (a range of books on all the above topics)