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Barque Hermann Von Beckerath –

c295 passengers from Bremen 15/12/1847 26 cabin passengers; 269 emigrants.

Captain:   HA KAHLE     Chief officer:   Wilhelm HAUCKE

Chiefly farmers and tradesmen with a few miners from the Harz Mountains, and 2 printers who have brought a printing press and type with the intention of establishing a newspaper (SA 17/12/1847 p293a)

Passengers who belonged to Pastor Oster’s congregation - travelled by the Hermann Von Beckerath & Gellert in 1847 & Emmy in 1850.


ALBRECHT, Mathilde (//c1821-//). From Wolfenbüttel.

ALMERS, Christian (//c1822-13/10/1848). Died Adelaide SA. Druggist; Adelaide. m 1847/48 Adelaide, fellow passenger Meta Lampe.

ALMERS, Louis (21/10/1824-17/11/1865). Born Bremen. Died Adelaide SA, aged 41. 23 Butcher from Bremen. Butcher; Adelaide (157-159 Rundle St). Also publican Maid & Magpie Hotel, Stepney 1856. Was it his widow, Auguste Alwine Almers who m 23/6/1871, William ADAIR? Where does August Christian Carl Almers, died 30/5/1884 Mile End, at home, ‘after a long and painful illness’, aged 35. Husband of Elizabeth J Almers. (DN Chronicle 7/6/1884 p533b).

BADE, Joseph (//c1807-//) 40. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

BADE, Mrs Joseph (//c1817-//)

BADE, Wilhelm (//c1840-//)

BADE, Werner (//c1843-//)

BADE, August (//1847-//) six months.

BAUEROCHSE, (//c1811-//). From Goslar (Harz), Hanover.

BAUEROCHSE, Elisabeth (//c1825-//) 22. From Goslar (Harz), Hanover.

BAUMANN, W (//c1818-//) 29. From Magdeburg, Prussian Saxony.

BERTELSMEIER, Francisca (//c1826-//1890). Died Broken Hill SA. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. m 7/3/1848 St Patrick’s Adelaide, August BECKMANN (//c1825-//1902) Died Broken Hill SA. Butcher; Klemzig, Moonta, Appila.

BICKHOFF, Mrs (//c1784-//) 63. mother of JF Bickhoff. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

BICKHOFF, Johannes Franz (//c1818-//) 29. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Farmer; Para Plains. At the Bendigo Vic goldfields in late 1852 Observer 25/12/1852 p416d,

BICKHOFF, Mrs JF nee Gertrud ? (//c1809-//)

BICKHOFF, Johann (//c1844-//) 3.5

BICKHOFF, Joseph (//c1846-//) 1.5

BISCHOF, Diedrich (//-12/8/1864). From Bierden, near Bremen. Farmer; Adelaide, then Brooksbank Tapley Hill, The Sturt. 1853. m 28/1/1850 St Mary’s Sturt, Eliza nee HOWDEN.

BISCHOF, Hermann Senr (21/6/1825-26/4/1908). Born Bierden, Hanover, near Bremen. Died Gawler SA, at his residence Spring Gully. Flour miller from Bierden. Farmer & Grazier; Tapley Hill, Gawler. Lutheran. (Biog Coombe p262). m 7/4/1854 Angas Park, Henriette nee Lange.

BOEHM/BOHM/BÖHM, Heinrich August Christian (21/8/1824-9/2/1899) 23. Born Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Died North Adelaide SA, at home Archer St. Miner from Goslar (Harz), Hanover. Miner; Kooringa. Later miller; College Town. Publican; North Adelaide (Dover Castle) Freemason, Adelaide City Councillor. Sons Enst and Alfred Boehm educated at Leipzig and talented musicians. m 10/4/1853 Chapel North Adelaide, Auguste Caroline nee WAGNER (//c1836-//)

BOLTE, Friedrich (//c1817-//). From Bremen.

BRUHN, George Hermann (//c1810-//). Merchant from Dresden, Saxony. Merchant; Adelaide. Largely at his own expense, searched for coal deposits in SA in Nov 1848. (Register 22/8/1849) - good descriptions of the countryside. Described as a doctor. Probably the Bruhn family living in The Paddock in the Bugle Ranges in 1853 when the youngest child burnt to death - prob Jane Bruhn born 28/2/1850 North Adelaide. (Observer 9/7/1853 p221d).

BRUHN, Mrs GH nee Caroline BAUMGÜRTEL (//c1821-//) 26.

BRUHN, Oscar (//c1838-//) 9.5

BRUHN, Elise (//c1839-//) 8.

BRUHN, Adel (//c1843-//) 4.5

BRUHN, Mathilde (//c1844-//) 3.

DEICHMANN, Georg Ludwig (//c1814-//). Miner from the Harz, Hanover. Miner; Glen Osmond later Farmer; Woodforde (Magill).

DEICHMANN, Mrs GL nee Dorothea Friederike Auguste EY (//c1814-//) 33.

DEICHMANN, Carl (//c1839-//)

DEICHMANN, Pauline (//c1841-//) 6.5

DEICHMANN, Emma (//c1847-//) 9 months.

DIENER, Wilhelm (//c1796-//). From the Harz, Hanover. Perhaps father to HC Diener.

DIENER, Heinrich Christian (//c1827-20/11/1895) 20. Died Frankton SA. From Lautenthal (Harz), Hanover. Farmer; Concordia, Langmeil.

DIENER, Fritz (//c1841-//) 6.

ROEGE, Gustav (//-//). From Bremen. Newspaper editor; Adelaide.

DUNEMANN, Friedrich Fritz (//-//). From the Harz, Hanover. Settled; Redruth. Burra; 1851.

VON EINEM, Johann Heinrich Christian (//c1821-16/7/1898) 26. Died Yatala SA. From Horneburg/Hanstedt, Hanover. Labourer; Adelaide. m 28/3/1849 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Johanne nee HOTTELMANN

EY, Carl Wilhelm Hermann (//c1824-14/5/1900) 23. Died Eastwood-Tce, at his son-in-law R SCHULTZ home, aged 75. Miner from St Andreasberg (Harz), Hanover. Miner; Burra 1848. Gardener; Athelstone.

EY, Mrs CWH nee Johanne Alwine Wilhelmine ALBRECHT (//c1824-//) 23. From Zellerfeld (Harz), Hanover

EY, August Friedrich Otto (//c1846-//) 1. Miner; Redruth, later Gardener; Athelstone. m Auguste Caroline SPÖR/SPOER.

EY, Christian Friedrich Ludwig (//c1821-//) 26. Miner; Glen Osmond, later Gardener; Athelstone.

EY, Mrs CFL nee Georgine Auguste Wilhelmine HESS (//c1825-//) 22.

FECHNER, Samuel (//c1807-28/4/1889). Died Herrnhut Vic. From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Commune dweller; Herrnhut.

FAHLBUSCH, Justus August Ernst Wilhelm (//c1827-//) 20. Tailor from Padeborn near Göttingen, Hanover. Tailor; Adelaide later Farmer; Rosenthal. m 27/6/1848 Holy Trinity Adelaide, fellow passenger Christiane nee Geier.

FALTING, Wilhelm (//c1823-//) 24. Farmer from Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Farmer; Lyndoch Valley.

FECHTELER/FICHTELER, Caspar (//c1815-//). From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

*FECHTELER, Mrs Caspar nee Gertrude ? (//c1826-//)

FECHTELER/FICHTELER, Caspar (//c1820-//) 27. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

FEDER, Johann Heinrich Friedrich (//c1816-5/11/1891) 31. Carpenter from Bissendorf, Prussia. Joiner; Adelaide, later Farmer; Pt Gawler (Section 215) then Farmer, Retired; Prospect.

FEDER, Mrs JHF nee Wilhelmine Christiane Juliane BLUME (//c1814-7/6/1893). Died Little Adelaide SA.

FEDER, Auguste (//c1845-//). m 10/10/1872 Bride father residence Pt Gawler, William BLYTHMAN (//c1848-//) Father; William.

FOCKEL, Johann Franz (//c1811-//) 36. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Farmer; Langmeil.

FRANKE, Mr (//c1821-//). From Dresden. Surveyor; Macclesfield, soon after arrival.

FRANZ, Anna Caroline (//c1827-19/7/1864). Died Sandscrub nr Tanunda SA. From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen. m 2/9/1853 Lutheran Church Bethanien, August Graetz.

FRIEDHOFF, Diedrich (//c1797-//). From Bremen.

FRIEDRICHSEN, (//c1817-//). From Kiel, Holstein, Denmark.

FUSS, Heinrich Christian Wilhelm (1/3/1816-25/4/1895). Born Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Died Llwchwr nr Kooringa SA. Smelter from Clausthal. Smelter, carpenter; Glen Osmond, Burra then Farmer; Llwchwr nr Kooringa. Lutheran. m 22/1/1843 Neustadt-Harzburg (Harz).

FUSS, Mrs HCW nee Johanne Friedericke Christiane LUTZ (//c1817-4/11/1902). Born Goslar (Harz), Hanover. Died Llwchwr nr Kooringa SA.

FUSS, Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann (6/3/1844-29/8/1934). Born Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Died Fullarton SA. Miner, smelter; Kooringa, Moonta then Carrier, farmer; Moonta. m (1) 15/9/1864 Bride’s father Richard Boscence’s residence Springbank nr Burra, Matilda nee Boscence m (2) 3/1/1900 Wesleyan Church Strathalbyn, Mary nee Jarrett (nb).

FUSS, Johann Albert (19/2/1846-15/10/1926). Born Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Died SA. m 25/6/1869 Bride’s father’s residence Hampton, Julie nee Muller.

GEIER, Auguste Caroline (//c1819-//). From Göttingen, Hanover.

GEIER, Christiane Juliane Sophie (//c1825-//). From Göttingen, Hanover. m 27/6/1848 Holy Trinity Adelaide, fellow passenger August Fahlbusch.

GEIER, Luise/Dorothea Charlotte Wilhelmine (//c1828-//). From Hardegsen, Hanover.

GEIER, Wilhelm (//c1826-//). From Clausthal (Harz), Hanover.

GELLERT, Johann Samuel (6/12/1797-24/9/1876) 49. Died Tabor Vic. From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen. Farmer; Blumberg 1848, Hoffnungsthal. To Portland Vic March 1857.

GELLERT, Mrs JS nee Johanne Modesta MATTHES (26/1/1802-23/9/1863). Died Tabor Vic. Perhaps a sister to Samuel Matthes??

GELLERT, Ernestine Wilhelmine (//c1824-//) 23. m Franz Joseph ROSENBERG.

GELLERT, Beate Luise (//c1830-//). m Johann Gottlieb WINDERLICH.

GELLERT, Johanne Luise (//c1835-//). m Eduard Hermann GROSSER.

GELLERT, Wilhelmine (//c1840-//). m Christian MATUSCHKA

GELLERT, Johann Friedrich (//c1841-//). m Anna MATUSCHKA.

GELLERT, Johanne Amalie (//c1844-//)

GERBES, Mrs Christian nee Luise (//c1802-19/3/1881). Died Adelaide SA. From the Harz, Hanover. Very confusing family – not sure whether her husband emigrated or not – was her son Christian the father of the younger Gerbes??

GERBES/GERBER, Carl (//c1828-//)

GERBES/GERBER, Christian (//c1819-//). Possibly Ernst Christian Gerbes Farmer; Kensington 1852

GERBES/GERBER, perhaps Lüder (//c1822-8/1/1848). Died Adelaide SA.

GERBES/GERBER, August (//c1837-//)

GERBES/GERBER, Juliane (//c1841-//). m Hermann HOLZBERGER.

GERBES/GERBER, Henriette Friedericke Auguste (//c1847-//). m 13/9/1865 St Paul Lutheran Chapel Hahndorf, Gustav Erdmann Ernst FAUSTMANN (//c1843-//) Father; Michael.

GERKE, Wilhelm Ottomar (//c1819-//). Merchant from Lippe. Merchant grocer; Adelaide (Gerke & Rodemann 87 Rundle St) Fellow passengers.

GIEBERT, GC (//-//). From Hamburg.

GIEBERT, Madame (//-//). From Hamburg.

GORDON, Henriette Dorothea (//c1825-26/7/1918). Born Freiburg, perhaps Baden. Died Croydon SA. m 24/8/1848 Mt Barker, Jeremiah CONSIDINE.

VON HASSELL, (//-//). From Bremervörde, Hanover.

HELLWIG, Christian Friedrich Valentin (//c1825-5/5/1898) 22. Died Adelaide SA. From Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Farmer; Hahndorf, Lobethal. Possibly also at Burra - likely there in 1840s. m 10/7/1855 St James Blakiston, Mrs Johanne Spangler nee Bittner.

HESSE, H (//c1819-24/6/1863). Died Melrose SA. 28 From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Perhaps Maria m 26/4/1854 St John Adelaide, John Foot.

HEUZENROEDER/HEUZENRÖDER, Heinrich Henry (//c1819-12/11/1898). Born Duderstadt, Hanover. Died Collinswood SA. Chemist from Bremen. Merchant; Adelaide. (Obit Observer 19/11/1898 p357d). Roman Catholic. m 22/7/1858 Bride father Wilhelm Ritter's residence North Adelaide, Amalie nee RITTER

HEUZENROEDER/HEUZENRÖDER, Wilhelmine Therese Clementine (10/7/1816-11/10/1907) 29. From Bremen. Brother and sister. m 10/7/1856 Heuzenroeder residence Tanunda, Wilhelm Carl Leopold EBERHARD (30/8/1822-10/10/1910) Born Braunschweig, GD Braunschweig. Died Tanunda SA. Son of Wilhelm Eberhard and prob brother to HFA Eberhard.

JACOBI, August (//c1821-//) 26. Born Bärwalde, Brandenburg, Prussia. From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen. Farmer; Hoffnungsthal, Lobethal.

JACOBI, Mrs August nee Caroline Wilhelmine KURZER (//-//) 27. Born Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia.

JACOBI, Ernst Rudolph (//c1841-//) 6.

JACOBI, Julius (//c1847-//) 6 months.

JACOBI, Sophia nee WOLF (//c1795-//) 52. Born Bärwalde, Brandenburg, Prussia. Widow from Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Settled; Hoffnungsthal, then Lobethal. Lutheran. Mother to August Jacobi.

ANTZEN, Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1822-//). From Bremen. Possibly Merchant; Adelaide.

ANTZEN, Mrs FW nee Emma ? (//c1814-//). From Bremen.

JANZEN, Friedrich Christian August (//c1822-1/5/1884). Died New Mile End SA, ‘after a long and painful illness’. Cabinetmaker from Bremen. Cabinet, builder; Adelaide (Wright St), New Mile End. m (1) ? m (2) 5/2/1849 fellow passenger Mrs Meta Almers nee Lampe.

KADOW/KADEN, Henriette (//c1824-//). From Dresden, Saxony.

KALMS, Johann Gottlieb (//c1816-//). From Prauschwitz, Kreis Schmiegel, Posen, Prussia. Farmer; Blumberg 1849, Hoffnungsthal. To New Zealand 1862.

KALMS, Mrs JG nee Johanne Auguste SCHULTZ (//c1827-//)

KALMS, Johanne Auguste Wilhelmine (//1847-//)

KARLE, Fidelio (//c1827-//). From Sigmaringen. m 10/5/1849 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Marie nee Kohlhagen. Where did he die? Death apparently not registered in SA.

KIESLING/KIESSLING, Johann Carl Gotthelf (//c1818-3/11/1898). Died Adelaide SA. Carpenter from Leipzig, Saxony. Carpenter; Adelaide (Grenfell St)

KIESLING/KIESSLING, Mrs JCG nee Johanne Auguste SCHAEFER (//c1823-//)

KLAEBE, Friedrich Wilhelm (22/7/1804-10/11/1855). From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Farmer, shoemaker; Rowlands Flat. Prob uncle to fellow passenger Gottfried Klaebe.

KLAEBE, Mrs FW nee Anna Dorothea BERGER (8/9/1810-14/5/1891) 36.

KLAEBE, Johann Gottlieb (//c1828-//1918). Perhaps never married.

KLAEBE, Charlotte Bertha (//c1833-//) 14. m 12/5/1854 Lutheran Church Bethanien, Hermann Grosser.

KLAEBE, Henriette Juliane (15/4/1835-14/5/1871). m 12/5/1854 Lutheran Church Bethanien, Christian Stockmann.

KLAEBE, Friedrich Joseph Albert (19/3/1838-9/10/1877). m Caroline nee ROHDE.

KLAEBE, Marie Emilie (//c1847-//) 7. m 8/8/1862 Kapunda, Oscar Rudolph HOFFMANN.

KLAEBE, Ida Elisabeth Dorothea (//c1846-15/4/1899). Died Baldina SA. m 9/5/1865 Lutheran Church Neukirch, Emil Kiekebusch.

KLAEBE, Johann Gottfried (16/12/1826-10/8/1916). Shoemaker from Rackwitz, Posen. Father; Elias Klaebe. Prob a nephew to fellow passengerf Friedrich Klaebe. Shoemaker; Adelaide, Friedrichswalde, Mannum, Light Pass. Lutheran. m 5/11/1853 Lutheran Church Adelaide, Maria Magdalene nee Grosser.

KLAFFUS, Gottfried (12/3/1801-//). From Polnisch-Nettkow, Posen. Shoemaker; Bethanien.

KLAFFUS, Mrs Gottfried nee Anna Rosina nee DULLIN (12/8/1805-//)

KLAFFUS, Carl Gustav (17/3/1843-//) 4. m 9/2/1864 Langmeil, Johanne Caroline Mathilde nee Aldenhoven (nb).

KLAFFUS, Adolph (//c1847-//)

KLOEPPER/KLOPPER/KLÖPPER, Conrad (//c1823-//). From Südfelde, near Minden, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

KLOEPPER/KLOPPER/KLÖPPER, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1828-//). From Südfelde, near Minden, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Farmer; Hope Valley. m 11/3/1851 Scotch Church Adelaide, fellow passenger Caroline nee Wetzel.

KORNHARDT, Carl Friedrich (//c1825-//). From the Harz, Hanover. Printer; Tanunda. Produced the 1st German Australian newspaper Die Deutsche Post. Printed Pastor Kavel’s pamphlets.

KORNHARDT, Gottlieb Friedrich (//c1824-//). From the Harz, Hanover. Farmer; Tanunda.

KRUEGER/KRUGER/KRÜGER, Christian (//c1797-//). From Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Perhaps Farmer; Blumberg.

KRUEGER/KRUGER/KRÜGER, Mrs Christian nee Anna ? (//c1806-//)

KRUEGER/KRUGER/KRÜGER, Caroline (//c1833-//)

KRUEGER/KRUGER/KRÜGER, August (//c1836-//)

KRUEGER/KRUGER/KRÜGER, Wilhelm (//c1840-//)

LAMPE, Meta Maria (//c1825-//). From Bremen. m (1) 1847/48 fellow passenger Christian Almers. m (2) 5/2/1849 fellow passenger widower FCA Janzen.

LAUFKOETTER/LAUFKOTTER/LAUFKÖTTER, Johann Franz Anton (//-//). Shoemaker from Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Farmer; Adelaide, later Shoemaker; Willunga.

LIENERT, Julius Heinrich Theodor (15/10/1827-9/4/1905). Died St Johns nr Kapunda SA. Miner from Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Miner; Redruth, later Farmer; Sheaoak Log, St John’s nr Kapunda. Lutheran. m (2) 27/7/1855 Bride’s residence Athelstone, Mrs Friedrich Waldhuter nee Luise Wurfel.

LIERSCH, Carl Senr (//c1789-//). From Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Shepherd; Bethanien??

LIERSCH, Mrs Carl nee Anna ? (//c1801-//)

LIERSCH, Carl Junr (//c1823-//)

LIERSCH, Ferdinand (//c1828-//)

LIERSCH, Eduard (//c1831-//)

LIERSCH, Gustav (//c1839-//) 8.

LIPPOLD, Ferdinand (//c1816-//). From the Harz, Hanover.

LIPPOLD, Mrs Ferdinand nee Ernestine ? (//c1815-//)

LIPPOLD, Auguste (//c1841-//)

LIPPOLD, Luise (//c1845-//)

LOHSTROH, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich (//c1823-//). From Südfelde, near Minden, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Settled; Hope Valley.

MATTHES, Johann Samuel (14/10/1812-14/6/1848) 34. From Schroda, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. Farmer; Blumberg. Lutheran.

MATTHES, Mrs JS nee Juliane FLEISCHER (28/2/1821-//). m (2) 8/2/1849 Lutheran Church Lobethal, Johann Heinrich SANDER (//c1806-17/2/1873) Died near Blumberg SA.

MATTHES, Caroline Wilhelmine (30/11/1844-23/6/1882). Born Schroda, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. m dnr Johann Friedrich Gustav PROMNITZ

MAYER, Heinrich Senr (//c1796-//)

MAYER, Mrs Heinrich nee Johanne ? (//c1797-//)

MAYER, Wilhelmine (//c1822-//)

MAYER, Heinrich Junr (//c1828-//)

MAYER, Adolph (//c1833-//)

MAYER, Auguste (//c1837-//)

MAYER, Dorette (//c1840-//)

MAYER, Emeline (//c1841-//)

MEINS/MEINZ, Hermann Hartwig (21/8/1815-3/10/1871). Born Oldesloh, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark. Died Tanunda SA. From Oldesloh, Holstein, Denmark. Blacksmith; Tanunda. m (2) 18/2/1850, Maria Therese nee Grohmann

MEINZ, Mrs HH (//-//). Must have died by 1849.

MEINZ, child

MEINZ, child (//-//)

MEYER, Mr (//c1823-//) 24. From Laeseringen.

MITTE, Joseph (//-//) 38. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

MITTE, Mrs Joseph (//c1813-//)

MITTE, Gertrud (//c1839-//)

MITTE, Elisabeth (//c1841-//)

MITTE, Wilhelm (//c1842-//)


MÜLLER, Clara Christiane Maria von (14/10/1833-//). Born Rostock, Kreis Rostock, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. m c1853 Mt Gambier, Eduard Wehl.

MÜLLER, Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von (30/6/1825-10/10/1896). Died Vic. Ph D. Chemist from Rostock, Kreis Rostock, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Chemist, botonist; Adelaide, later Director; Melbourne Botanic Gardens Vic, from 1852. Famous botanist. The King of Württemburg created him a hereditary Baron; Queen Victoria knighted him.

MÜLLER, Carl (//c1826-//). From the Harz, Hanover.

MÜLLER, Wilhelm Senr (//c1817-//)

MÜLLER, Mrs Wilhelm nee Elise ? (//c1825-//)

MÜLLER, Albert (//c1844-//)

MÜLLER, Wilhelm Junr (//-//). 3 months.

MÜLLER, Christian/Christiane (//c1826-//). perhaps Mrs HJW MAY.

MÜLLER, Mr (//c1824-//).From Dresden, Saxony.

MUHLENKAMP, Mr (//c1797-//). From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

NEUMANN, Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1810-//). Merchant; Stettin, Dresden. Farmer; Macclesfield.

NEUMANN, Mrs FFW nee Wilhelmine SCHEDLICH (//c1813-//). Sister to fellow passenger CW Schedlich.

NEUMANN, Gustav (//c1836-//)

NEUMANN, Carl (//c1839-10/1/1866). Died Lake Hope SA, ‘through the effects of wounds received in the late affray with the blacks’. 3d son

NEHRLICH, Lisinca (//-//). Sister to Mrs GD FRITSCHE.

NEUWERT, Franz Joseph (//-//1879). From Osnabrück, Hanover. Shepherd; Angaston (GF Angas) later Lutheran Teacher; Stockwell

NIPPE, Johann Gottfried (//c1801-//). From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Labourer; Kooringa.

NISSEN, Johann George Heinrich (//c1820-//). From Bremen. Merchant; Adelaide (Ackland St), later Melbourne 1852.

NISSEN, Mrs George nee Caroline Adelheid nee GERSICK (//c1817-//)

NISSEN, Mathilde (//-//) 15 months.

NISSEN, Adolph (//-//) 3 months.

NOLTE, Inten (//c1821-//). From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

OSSWALD/OSWALD, Ferdinand Carl (//c1817-//). From Bremen. Merchant; Adelaide then Publican; Tanunda (Alliance Hotel) 1848. He apparently returned to Germany and re-emigrated 1849 Pauline.

PABST, Julius Wilhelm Surgeon-Superintendent (30/8/1824-24/4/1871). Died Tanunda SA. From Minden, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Surgeon; Tanunda. m 24/1/1857 Pastor Muecke’s residence Tanunda, Auguste nee Carls

PAETZOLD, Johann Friedrich (//c1795-//). From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia.

PAETZOLD, Mrs JF nee Johanne Elisabeth Lisette ? (30/1/1795-31/12/1885) 52. Died Lobethal SA.

PAETZOLD, Wilhelmine (8/4/1825-3/12/1910). Born Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Died Lobethal SA. m 7/1/1848 Lutheran Church Lobethal, August Mueller.

PAETZOLD, Maria Pauline (//-//) 14. m Johann Winkler.

PAULKE, Johann Christian Traugott (//c1801-20/10/1856) 46. Died Neudorf nr Lobethal SA, aged 55. Shoemaker from Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Shoemaker; Neudorf.

PAULKE, Mrs JT nee Ernestine Wilhelmine HENSCHKE (//c1819-29/8/1888) 28. m (2) 7/2/1872 Lobethal,

PAULKE, Pauline Florentine (19/3/1834-5/6/1896) 12. m Ferdinand ZIMMERMANN Lyndoch.

PAULKE, Henriette (13/11/1839-//) 7. m 12/5/1859 Lobethal, Gotthilf Janetzki

PAULKE, Amalie Bertha (13/12/1841-//) 6. m Johann Carl Friedrich LESCHKE.

PAULKE, Heinrich (//c1846-//)

PIEPER, Carl (//c1825-//). From Rügen, Pommern, Prussia.

PETTHARDT/PETTHART, (//c1819-//). From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

POHLNER, Ignatz (//c1787-//). Born Brattersdorf, Moravia. From Beutnitz, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia.

POHLNER, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1831-//)

POHLNER, Ernst Hermann (//c1835-//)

POHLNER, Friedrich (//c1838-//)

POHLNER, Otto (//c1840-//)..

PRAETZER/PRÄTZER, Carl Julius Robert (15/9/1822-10/2/1855) 25. Died Lobethal SA, of cancer. Shoemaker from Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Shoemaker; Lobethal.

PRAETZER/PRÄTZER, Mrs CJR nee Anna Rosina MÜLLER (//c1817-25/3/1889) 30. Died Schönthal, near Lobethal SA.

PRAETZER/PRÄTZER, Anna Amalia (8/3/1839-24/5/1896). Born Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Died Parkside SA. m 1/7/1862 Lobethal, Hermann Käthner.

PRAETZER/PRÄTZER, Emma Pauline (8/6/1846-//). Born Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Died m 23/4/1866 St Paul’s Pt Adelaide, Adolph BEHRENDT.

REINECKE, Johann (//c1811-//). From Mecklenburg.

REINKE, Mam (//c1808-//)

REINKE, Elise (//c1841-//)

REINKE, Marie (//c1844-//)

RICHTER, Mrs/Miss (//c1821-//). From the Harz, Hanover.

RODEMANN, Maximilian Louis (//c1822-22/3/1872). Died Bückeburg, Germany. From Lippe. Merchant; Adelaide (Gerke & Rodemann 87 Rundle St). Lutheran. To the Vic goldfields. Returned to SA Amicus 17/7/1852.

RÜBENKÖNIG, George Valentin (//-11/9/1874) 45. Born Homburg, Kur Hessen. From Osnabrück, Hanover. Died Mt Gambier SA. Saddler; Adelaide (Rundle St). Elder, trustee Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Flinders St, Adelaide. m 19/3/1850 Lutheran Church Klemzig, Charlotte nee SPRENGER (//-8/1/1891) Died Mt Gambier SA.

SANDER/SANDERS, Mrs (//c1789-//). From Göttingen, Hanover.

SANDERS, Mr (//c1823-//). From Sangerhausen, Prussian Saxony.

SAUER, Christian Wilhelm (//c1812-//). From Eisleben, Prussian Saxony. Cabinetmaker; Adelaide.

SCHEDLICH, Carl Gustav (//c1821-//).From Desden, Saxony. Farmer; Macclesfield, then Postal officer; Adelaide, North Adelaide. Likely to be the last passenger to die. m 20/10/1853, Anne Euphemia LINN

SCHERBER, Mr (//c1821-//). From Dresden, Saxony.

SCHLINK, Anton (//c1812-26/12/1895) 30. Died Woodville SA. From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia. Agent; Adelaide then Gardener; Macclesfield m 20/5/1858 Joseph Millte residence, Willunga, Caroline nee MILLTE (//c1839-//) Father; Joseph Millte.

SCHLENKERICH, Mr (//c1827-//). From Desden, Saxony.

SCHLENKERICH, Amalie (//c1824-//). From Desden, Saxony.

SCHMIDT, Friedrich (//-//). From Schlawe, Pommern, Prussia.

SCHMIDT, Franz (//c1798-//). From Kalzig, Kreis Schwerin/Warthe, Posen, Prussia.

SCHMIDT, Mrs Franz nee Elisabeth (//c1811-//)

SCHRADER, August Ferdinand (26/10/1826-12/2/1891). Died Adelaide SA, at home Angas St. From Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Gold digger, water carrier; Adelaide. Lutheran. m 14/2/1858 Trinity Lutheran Chapel Adelaide, Johanne nee Steinwedel.

SCHUNKE, Carl August Christian (29/11/1826-18/5/1894). Died Grünthal SA. From Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Miner; Glen Osmond, later Publican; Grünthal (Stanley Bridge Hotel). m 2/1/1855 Temporary church Glen Osmond, Mary nee Collett.

SCHUSTER, Johann George Senr (//-//1847). Died at sea. From Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia.

SCHUSTER, Mrs JG nee Maria Elisabeth Dorn (//c1781-26/2/1855) 60. Died Rosenthal SA.

SCHUSTER, Johann George Junr (4/10/1815-26/7/1868). Died Rosenthal SA. From Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Farmer; Rosenthal. Lutheran.

SCHUSTER, Mrs JG nee Anna Dorothea FALTING (4/2/1818-20/2/1883). Born Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Jindera NSW.

SCHUSTER, Johann Wilhelm August (29/12/1841-2//). Farmer; Kingsford, Neukirk, Hoyles Plains. Lutheran. To NSW. m 17/2/1865 St Martin Rosenthal, Eleonore nee Mattiske.

SCHUSTER, Johann Gottlieb (//c1845-//). Farmer; Freeling. Lutheran. m 1/3/1867 St Martin Rosenthal, Magdalene nee Fleischer.

SOBELS, Carl August Senr (//c1802-8/9/1863). Born Dresden, Saxony. Died Tanunda SA. From Dresden, Saxony. Farmer; Macclesfied, later Tanunda.

SOBELS, Mrs CA nee Johanne Wilhelmine DIEMANN (28/4/1806-21/12/1869). Died Tanunda SA, ‘deeply regretted by a large circle of friends’. *SOBELS, Richard (//-//) 13.5

SOBELS, Emma Caroline Antoinette (//c1836-//). m 5/4/1855, Georg Friedrich FISCHER. She went to live in Tanunda.

SOBELS, Carl Junr (31/3/1840-27/9/1923) 7. Born Quedlingburg, Hanover. Died Watervale SA. Vigneron; Lobethal, Tanunda, Watervale. Lutheran, Anglican. m 5/11/1867 Lobethal, Meta Louise DOHRENWENDT

SOBELS, Ferdinand Julius (//c1841-//)

SOBELS, Otto (//c1843-//)

SOBELS, Emil (//c1844-//)

STENGERT, Gottlieb (//c1817-//). From Winsen, Hanover.

STENGERT, Mrs Gottlieb nee Caroline ? (//c1824-//)

STENGERT, Pauline (//c1844-//)

STENGERT, Ottilie (//c1845-//)

VEITH, Stephan (//c1807-//). From Glatz, Kreis Breslau, Silesia, Prussia. Shoemaker; Adelaide.

VOLKMANN, Bernhard (//c1804-//). From Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia.

VOLKMANN, Mrs Bernhard nee Martiane ? (//c1814-//)

VOLKMANN, Eduard (//c1836-//)

VOLKMANN, Julius (//c1823-//)

VOLKMANN, Theodor (//c1843-//)

VOLKMANN, Ida (//-//) 1.

VON VOSS, Friedrich August (//c1823-//). From Hanover City, Hanover.

WEDEKIND, Johann Heinrich (//c1818-17/9/1895). Died Adelaide SA. From Osnabrück, Hanover. Cattle minder; Port Road 1849. Shepherd; Adelaide then Shepherd, station cook; Hummocks (near Pt Wakefield). Did ACH Wedekind come out with him??

WAGNER, perhaps Heinrich (//c1800-//). From Grabow,

WAGNER, Therese (//c1815-//). From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

WEGENER, perhaps Heinrich (//c1797-//). From Paderborn, Westphalia, Rhenish Prussia.

WALDHUTER/WALDHÜTER, Carl Heinrich Friedrich (//c1823-27/3/1854). Died Adelaide SA. Miner from Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Miner; Glen Osmond, Athelstone, Burra. m 22/10/1850 Church Kooringa, Luise nee Wurful.

WANKE, Albin Ferdinand (3/6/1815-8/3/1909). Born Neu-Tomischel, Posen, Prussia. Died Lobethal SA. From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Farmer; Lobethal. m Friedericke Ernestine nee HEIN

WEGENER, Conrad Gottfried Wilhelm (//1809-4/6/1881) 38. Died near Palmer SA. From Oserwieck (Harz), Hanover. Farmer; Klemzig, Hope Valley, Palmer.

WEGENER, Mrs CGW nee Dorothea Auguste PUSEMANN (//-6/3/1898) 38. Died Caloote SA. From Quedlingburg (Harz), Hanover.

WEGENER, Andreas Heinrich Carl (//c1833-23/1/1897). Died Caloote SA. Farmer; Caloote. m Johanne Susanne Concordia nee HANCKEL 14 Wegeners in court SA Dec 1847

WEGENER, Charlotte Rosine Dorothea (4/3/1836-/12/1923). Born Osterieck (Harz), Hanover. Died SA. m 4/8/1857 Lutheran Church Blumberg, Heinrich HANCKEL

WEGENER, Wilhelmine (//c1844-//)

WEIDENBACH, Julius (//-//). Gardener from Dresden, Saxony.

WENZEL, Emil (//c1817-//) 30. From Hamburg. Architect; Adelaide, Norwood by 1852.

WESTPHAL, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1814-//). Died Adelaide SA. From Bremen. Carpenter; Norwood. Perhaps d 14/12/1869, aged 50. Ages clash.

WESTPHAL, Mrs CFW nee Elise LANGE (//c1820-5/11/1891) 27. Died Norwood Park SA.

WESTPHAL, Christian (//c1842-//)

WESTPHAL, Johann (//c1844-//)

WETZEL, Johann Carl Wilhelm (23/11/1802-7/8/1898). Born Brunswick. Died Kent Town SA. Mason from Walkenried, Brunswick. Mason; Adelaide (Pulteney St), Kent Town.

WETZEL, Mrs JCW nee Sophie Christiane Luise PREISTERJAHN (12/4/1815-29/4/1899). Born Heimburg, Brunswick. Died Kent Town SA. (Second wife and step-mother)

WETZEL, Caroline Friederike Henriette (//-18/3/1914) 17. Born Brunswick, Brunswick. Died Hope Valley SA. m 11/3/1851 Scotch Church Adelaide, fellow passenger Heinrich Klopper. (Obit Chronicle 28/3/1914 Register 26/3/1914).

WETZEL, August Carl Heinrich Junr (2/3/1831-21/8/1914). Born Zorge, Germany. Died Stepney SA. Lutheran. Plasterer; Adelaide, Kent Town, Stepney. Lutheran. m 28/2/1882 Kent Town, Auguste Caroline Hermine nee KOCH (//1843-21/11/1885) Died Stepney SA. Father; August.

WETZEL, Albertine Friedericke Wilhelmine (8/4/1837-//) 10. Born Walkenried, Brunswick. m (1) 1/10/1856 bride’s father’s residence Adelaide, George Tobitt m (2) 28/9/1862 St Paul Adelaide, Charles James BUTCHER, cordwainer, son of James Butcher.

WIESE, Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1800-27/7/1893). Died Bordertown SA. 47 From the Harz, Hanover. Settled; Klemzig. Farmer; Bordertown.

WIESE, Mrs nee Johanne KAUFFUNG (//c1799-21/5/1886) 48.

WIESE, August (//c1825-//)

WIESE, Carl (//c1839-//)

WIESE, Gottfried FH (//c1843-9/2/1912). Died Mundulla SA. Farmer; Lake Plains, Clayton Farm Bordertown. m Emma ? (//c1845-//1915)

WIESE, Carl Heinrich Wilhelm (//c1846-31/10/1929). Born Hanover. Died Payneham SA, at home Wellington Rd. Farmer; Macclesfield, Bordertown. m 27/11/1889 Florence CRANSTON. Father; Matthew.

WITTE, R perhaps Carl (//c1837-2/8/1862). Died Adelaide SA. From Bremervörde, Hanover. Prob a relative to Arend Witte To SA 1846 Patel.

WITTICH, Robert (//-//). From Dresden, Saxony.

WITTICH, child (//-//)

WOETE/WOITE/WOITHE, JA (//c1804-//). From Cossar, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia.

WÜRDIG/WURDIG, Joseph (//c1806-//). From Prague, Bohemia, Austria. Tanner; Adelaide.

YESKE, (//c1821-//). From Dresden, Saxony.

ZADOW, Andreas (//c1797-25/12/1866) 50. Died Blumberg SA. From Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Farmer; Blumberg.

ZADOW, Mrs Andreas nee Anna Elisabeth SCHMIDT (//-//) 40.

ZADOW, Gottfried Wilhelm (17/1/1826-14/10/1878). Died Blumberg SA. Bullock driver, farmer; Blumberg. m Anna Dorothea nee ROCHOW

ZADOW, Ludwig (1/2/1830-11/10/1912). Born Siedlitz, Prussia. m 30/4/1857 Blumberg, Rosine nee Schaepe

ZADOW, Christiane (?/10/1833-7/4/1849). Died Blumberg SA, of typhoid fever.

ZADOW, Juliane (?/4/1836-2/12/1848). Died Blumberg SA, of typhoid fever.

ZADOW, Caroline (?/8/1838-28/2/1849). Died Blumberg SA, of typhoid fever.

ZADOW, Anna Susanne (//c1840-//1917). m Johann Ludwig ZADOW

ZADOW, Anna Rosine (16/4/1844-//1907). m Heinrich Peter SCHUMACHER

ZUCHT, Gottfried (//c1818-22/3/1882). Died Pekina SA. From Schroda, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. Farmer; Blumberg.

ZUCHT, Mrs Gottfried nee Anna Luise ZADOW (//c1825-9/9/1854). Born Birnbaum, Kreis Birnbaum, Posen, Prussia. Died Blumberg SA, in bed of heart disease. (Inquest Observer 16/9/1854 p404e). Daughter of fellow passenger Andreas Zadow.

ZUCHT, Ludwig (//c1846-3/4/1874). Died Hundred of Clare SA. m 2/12/1869 Independent Church Angaston, Wilhelmine nee Roesler.



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