LOCATION:  35b Main Street, Hahndorf

This property was originally constructed in 1870 by Carl Borchers as a blacksmith shop where he shoed horses and made and repaired farm implements.

'Taste in Hahndorf' 2013  [photo: John Buchan]Is this Borcher's Blacksmith shop or some other location?

Carl August Friedrich Borchers (1811-1899) arrived in South Australia in March 1849 with his wife and five children aboard the ‘George Washington’.  He was was employed by blacksmith’s Starick and Wiese until in 1870 he built his own blacksmith shop on this site adjacent to the then ‘Union Hotel’ where he maintained a flourishing business.

As above, is this Borcher's Blacksmith?After Carl Borchers died, the blacksmith shop was sold in 1900 to August Haebich who carried on the business until he sold the property to Hermann Paech in 1920.

In 1972 the ‘Union Hotel’ acquired a new name, ‘The Hahndorf Inn’, at which time the owner Edmund Paech carried out major renovations.  This resulted in Borchers blacksmith shop becoming a bottleshop.

Apart from a blacksmith shop and a bottleshop, the building has subsequently been leased for various retail purposes including 'Taste in Hahndorf' until it was converted in December 2015 into the ‘Arcobrau Brauhaus’ as part of The Hahndorf Inn complex.

Early Ownership 

Information from The Hahndorf Allotments Database compiled by Reg Butler.

Old Lot No. New Lot No. Street No. Street Name
House 23 S.H. 39 35 Main Street
Year Sold New Owner Occupation Owner's Home Personal
1849 Joseph Remfrey mining captain Kanmantoo Land grant.
1853 Gottlieb Schütze carpenter Hahndorf GRO title.
1855 James Owen licensed victualler Kensington LTO title c 1863.
1864 Ludwig Stark wheelwright Hahndorf  
1873 Christian Klaebsch mason & blacksmith Hahndorf  
1876 Carl Borchers blacksmith Hahndorf  
1901 August Haebich blacksmith Hahndorf  
1920 Hermann Paech farmer Hahndorf Brother-in-law of A Haebich.
1939 Bertha Paech widow of H Paech Hahndorf Nee Jaeschke.
1950a Selma Liebelt nee Paech Mt Barker Wife of Edmund Liebelt, farmer.
1950b Edmund Paech farmer Hahndorf Cousin of S Liebelt.
1973 Paechtown Holdings Pty Ltd business firm Pirie St, Adelaide  

Hersey Holdings Pty Ltd and

Tomkinson Rowe Finance Pty Ltd

business firm

business firm





  • The rear of this allotment is now a Motel, in conjunction with SH 38.  
  • 4067/980 Metric title.