The following information is a copy of JK Stokes data on Mount Barker as contained in her Rootsweb ( Genealogy Website  and has been included here with permission.  No alterations or additions may be made to her information without further permission, although relevant comments and/or additions are welcome to be added at the bottom of each page.  (copied July 2014)




A = Adelaide Road M = Druids Avenue formerly Dutton Place
B = Wellington Road N = Pridmore Terrace (added later)
D = Morphett Street O = Dumas Street (added later)
E = Mann Street P = Albert Place
F = Hutchinson Street Q = Victoria Crescent
G = Cameron Road R = Newland Street
H = Railway Terrace S = Knott Street
I = Walker Street T = Bonnar Lane
J = Stephen Street U = Mill Lane
K = Hack Street V = Dunn Road
L = McLaren Street  

Street names have been taken from an 1849 Map of the Township of Mt Barker (Vide page N8 Vol. 3)

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