LOCATION:   108 Main Street, Hahndorf

Faehrmann Blacksmith Shop - 108 Main Streeet.Soon after Carl Faehrmann's son Friedrich married Mary Jane Jones in 1897, Friedrich demolished the simple home built by the first owner of this site, Christian Schubert, and built this stone cottage in a style popular at the time. 

[From 'A Picturebook of Hahndorf' by Anni Luur Fox] - 'FAEHRMANN'S HOUSE, 108 Main Street.  This land was originally allotted to C. Schubert, a day labourer from Mostchen in 1839.  At the time of Nicholas Friedrich Carl Faehrmann's marriage to Mary Jane Jones in 1897, the old cottage near the road was replaced by the present house.  Carl was a blacksmith.  He died in 1906 when acetylene gas exploded in his smithy near the house.'

Early Ownership 

Information from The Hahndorf Allotments Database compiled by Reg Butler.

Old Lot No. New Lot No. Street No. Street Name
House 14 N.H. 18 108 Main Street
Year Sold New Owner Occupation Owner's Home Personal
1839 Christian Schubert # day labourer Hahndorf From Möstchen, Brandenburg
1855 Gottlob Paech % farmer Hahndorf GRO title.
1856 Friedrich Herzog * carpenter Hahndorf 1870 - LTO title.
1870 Cordelia Lemmey wife of George Lemmey Unley  
1874 Eleonore Rau widow of Carl Rau Hahndorf Died 1887.
1887a Carl Faehrmann carpenter Hahndorf Executor.
1887b Wilhelm Rau
Bertha Rau
Pauline Rau
Died 1892.
Died 1893.
Children of C & E Rau.
1893a Pauline Wellbourn, nee Rau wife of Robert Wellbourn Broken Hill  
1893b Carl Faehrmann carpenter Hahndorf Died 1896.
1896 Eleonore Faehrmann widow of C Faehrmann Hahndorf Nee Liebelt.
1899 Friedrich Faehrmann + blacksmith Hahndorf Died 1906
1906a Public Trustee government legal firm Adelaide Executor.
1906b Mary Faehrmann, nee Jones widow of F Faehrmann Hahndorf  
1941 Jack Jones accountant Prospect Nephew of M Faehrmann.


  • # C Schubert moved away to Mt Torrens before any official transfer of Hahndorf land took place. 

  • % Some doubt about identity.  Most likely to be Gottlob 'Möschtener' Paech, who later moved to Sommerfeld - the 'Tepko' Paechs.

  • * F Herzog moved across the main road to SH 4 - No 108 Main Street.

  • + F Faehrmann died in an accidental explosion at his forge on the property.

  • 4045/61 Metric title