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Beryl BENHAM & some of John MUELLER's Photographic & Other Archival Material Collection

108 Main Road, Hahndorf, built by Nickolaus & his father Carl FAEHRMANN 1893c

part 1 of 3

Nickolaus FAEHRMANN & Mary Jane JONES

early life, marriage & early death


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'Jenny'  JONES     Nickolaus FAEHRMANN


In this article there are photographs of the blacksmith business in front of 108 Main St, Hahndorf, one photo shows Nickolaus with his 2 children just a year before his tragic death.  You can read an interesting story [involving a number of Hahndorf families], of how, known as 'Fritz', at 16 years of age in 1888, he was found guilt of assault and as a result we look at the GALLASCH, GREGOR, MARTIN, PANJAS, RODERT, THIELE, WALTROWICZ, & WILLEMER families. I also explore the working relationship between Nickolaus's father & the WILLIMERS.  I trace Fritz's wedding, wife & the birth of their 3 children, & in some detail the origins & history of the 2 adjoining blocks of land 108 & 106 Main St, Hahndorf. Three newspapers reported on 34 year old Nickolaus's tragic death including the horrible injuries to his helper Charles HIGGINS.


The family names mentioned in this article include:  



 'Fritz FAEHRMANN, 108 Main St, Hahndorf'                        

Above:  'Fritz' FAEHRMANN with his youngest & eldest children outside his 'F. FAEHRMANN blacksmith' shop at 108 Main St, Hahndorf.  With him are his son Johann Carl Friedrich known as 'Charlie' b1898 & Catherine Eleanore known as 'Laura' b1903, as identified by 'Laura's' daughter, Beryl BENHAM, the own of this photo.  Both of these children were named after his parents Johann Carl Friedrich FAEHRMANN & Eleonore LIEBELT.  This photo was taken 1905c & 'Fritz' died in March 1906.

Above right:   Adelaide Hills Localwiki:  Faerhmann's Cottage - Hahndorf before 1906c.


Aim of Article

Explore the life of South Australian born Nickolaus Friederich Carl FÄHRMANN & his wife of Welsh origins, Mary Jane JONES, known as 'Jenny.'

Share photographs & documents from the 'Beryl BENHAM Photo Collection'. Unless stated otherwise all photographs belong to that collection.

This article is for the purpose of displaying, preserving, extrapolating & sharing research related to our LIEBELT & FÄHRMANN ancestors


Table of Contents

1.    Introduction

2.   Nickolaus Friederich Carl FAHRMANN

 Parents:  Eleonore LIEBELT, Carl FÄHRMANN.

 Family:  Siblings birth, death and marriages.

 Young 'Fritz'.

 Name variations

 16 year old 'Fritz' found guilty of assault, 1888.  

Newspaper summary 

Author's own notes

The MARTIN and PANJAS family

The RODERT and KOHL family

Johann WILLEMER and Carl FAEHRMANN built parts of St Michael's together.


3.   Marriage: Mary Jane JONES in 1897

3 children

106 Main St, Hahndorf where 'Fritz' was born

108 Main St Hahndorf 

'Fritz' the Hahndorf Blacksmith

Sudden death of 'Fritz', blacksmith shop tragedy

4.    References and Notes


1.    Introduction

Nicolaus Friedrich Carl FAEHRMANN is the author's gg Uncle

Nicolaus Friedrich Carl FAEHRMANN is John MUELLER's


2.  Nickolaus Friederich Carl FÄHRMANN

Parents: Eleonore LIEBELT and Carl FÄHRMANN.

Johanne 'Eleonore' LIEBELT (1833-1914)  born Nickern, Brandenburg, Prussia [now Niekarzyn in Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland]  & Johann Carl Friedrich FÄHRMANN [1823-1896] born near the Elbe River at Tangermünde, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. [01]  [02]   Tangermünde is a well preserved Hanseatic walled city and the small village of Nickern is 300 kms away to the east.  Eleonore was five years of age on the 'Zebra' in 1838 and Carl,  was on the 'Princess Louise' in 1949 when he was 26 years old. Carl was 10 years older than Eleonore. [03]  [04]   Eleonore was 21 years when she married Carl in Hahndorf, and Nickolaus Friederich Carl FAEHRMANN, named after his father, and his grand father [Nicolaus FÄHRMANN] was their eighth child and seventh son. [05]

Johanna Eleonore LIEBELT and Johann Carl Friedrich FÄHRMANN's had 9 children between 1855-1874. [06]

├── Marie Auguste Louise FAHRMANN (1855-1915) born Hahndorf, married 10 March 1879, Chalmers Manse, North Adelaide, to Franz Wilhelm DAHL (1858-1937)  

├── Johann Friedrich Wilhelm FAHRMANN (1857-1935) born Hahndorf, married 19 October 1882, Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, Auguste Martha WIETH (1860-1927)  

├── Carl August FAHRMANN (1859-1934) born Hahndorf, married 23 June 1883, St andrew's Church Manse, Wakefield St, Adelaide, to Jessie ACKLAND (1866-1955)  

├── Christian Otto (21 August 1861-11 October 1861) born Hahndorf, died at 7 weeks. 

├── Alexandre August Friedrich FEHRMANN (1863-1938) born Hahndorf, married 10 April 1886, residence of grooms father, Hahndorf, to Caroline KREIS (1862-1945)   

├── Theodore Christoph Otto FEHRMANN (1866-1940) born Hahndorf, married 20 January 1887, District Registry Office, Woodside, to Polliner MANGLEDORF (1868-1953)  

├── Christoph Alexander FAEHRMANN (1868-1947) born Hahndorf, married 23 July 1891, Registry Office, Adelaide, to Rosena Sophia MUELLER  (1873-1962)  

├── Nickolaus Friederich Carl FAHRMANN (1872-1906) born Hahndorf, married 14 October 1897, Holy Trinity Church, North Terrace, Adelaide, to Mary Jane JONES (1867-1942)  

└── Unnamed female (7 April 1874-7 April 1874) born Hahndorf, died at birth.  

Young 'Fritz'




'Carl Friedrich Nicolaus Fahrmann geb. 26 January 1872'

Signed by Pastor STREMPEL.

'Beryl Benham Photo Collection'


Reverse:  'Fritz Faehrmann'

Haehnel & Co, Australian Photographic

Company, portraits taken in any weather.

Photo possibly taken by Edmund Diederich. 'John Muller Photo Collection'


Reverse:  'Faehrmann ?'

Haehnel & Co, Australian Photographic

Company, portraits taken in any weather.

Photo possibly taken by Edmund Diederich. 'John Muller Photo Collection'

Name variations

  • Registration of Birth:        Nickolaus Friederich Carl Fahrmann  

  • Christening:                        Carl Friedrich Nicolaus Fahrmann

  • Marriage:                             Nicolaus Friedrich Carl Faehrmann

  • Registration of Death:     Nicolaus Friedrich Carl Faehrmann

  • Gravestone:                        N. Friedrich Carl Faehrmann

  • In this article:                     'Fritz' / Nickolaus Faehrmann / Fahrmann

In 1872, when Nikolaus was born his father Carl registered the birth and signed the records as 'farmer & carpenter  JCF Fährmann.'  [07]


16 year old 'Fritz' found guilty of assault, 1888.

Mount Barker Courier an Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser, Friday 18 May, 1888  [08]This interesting story was recorded in the Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser on Friday 18 May 1888.  It also includes the following Hahndorf locals:

  • 16 year old friends, Nickolaus Friederich FAHRMANN,  Johann Julius Carl RODERT and  Carl Heinrich THIELE
  • Farmer, Joseph WALTROWICZ & his sons Richard Hugo & Adolph Louis.
  • Mr von DOUSSA
  • Heinrich MARTIN, Wheelwright
  • Anna Caroline GALLASCH
  • Martha LANGE
  • Anna Dorothea PANJAS
  • Christiana Dorothea GREGOR
  • Johanna Mina Helena SCHACH
  • Elizabeth KUCHEL, Christian LIEBELT  and many more

I will begin by summarising the newspaper article on the right, interspersed with researched relationships under  'Author's own notes'.

Trove 18 May 1888, Newspaper summary: - When Nickolaus FAEHRMANN was sixteen years of age, in 1888,  he had to present himself before Dr WELD and Mr PALTRIDGE, Justice's of the Peace, charged on the information of Joseph WALTROWICZ  with assaulting his son Hugo WALTROWICZ. 

'Caesar Godeffoy'  arrived 2 January 1854 with the widowed mother and her 8 WALTROWICZ children.  [14]

Author's own notes:

Joseph WALTROWICZ arrived in South Australia as a 12 year old from Bentschen, Kreis Meseritz, Posen, Prussia where he was born on 3 July 1842.  This village is now Zbaszyn, Wielkopolskie, Poland and is 26kms east of Swiebodzin.  [09]  [10]  [11]

Joseph arrived in South Australia with his widowed mother Anna Caroline GALLASCH b1804c, and 7 siblings, 5-20 years of age, in 1854 on the 'Caesar Godeffroy'. His father Johannes had died 11 September 1852 at Nowe Domki, which appears to be another name for Zbaszyn or Prussian Betnschen. [12]  [13]  

Joseph was the 5th of the 7 siblings and he married Martha Christiane LANGE 1 December 1871 in Hahndorf, and all of their 6 children were born in Hahndorf, South Australia:  Adolph Louis b1872, Richard Hugo b1874, Amanda Ottilie Hulda b1876, Agnes Marena b1879, Sophia Elizabeth b1881 (infant death) and  Johanne Maria Sophie b1882. [15]  [16]  

Fährmann was charged with assaulting Richard Hugo WALTROWICZ who was two years younger than himself.    In 1864 Joseph WALTROWITZ, 'farmer' purchased a block of land on the corner of English St, at 30 Main Street Hahndorf and it stayed in his family until 1939. [17]  Joseph died in Hahndorf, S.A. 16 November 1929 followed by Martha LANGE 24 July 1938. [18]   It is 25 kilometres from Mount Torrens to Hahndorf.

Various spellings: Marriage documents & newspaper article above=WALTROVICZ, Caesar Godeffoy=WALTROWICZ, Genealogy SA BISA=WALTROVITZ. Hahndorf Allotment Database=WALTROWITZ.


Joseph's older brother Albert b1834c and who was 20 years old on the 'Caesar Godeffroy' in 1854.  Thirty two years later, in 1886 married to Johanna Rosina SCHUBERT and with 13 children he decides to sell all of his town land holdings, a four roomed house, productive garden, his wheelwrights shop, animals and 49 acres on part of Section 3833 [?Hundred of Onkaparinga]  He sold up to settle in Natimuk where he died in 1903. See 'Highways & Byways' by Reg Butler. 



 Reg Butler's 'Original Hahndorf House and Farm Block Layout' . [20]

Trove 18 May 1888 newspaper summary cont.,   Joseph WALTROWICZ engaged Hahndorf local, Mr von DOUSSA to represent his son.  It seems that Joseph and Hugo were coming back from Mount Torrens, with a horse and trap at 6 o'clock and it had a burning lamp. Hugo took the horse  'out on the by-road by my father's house near the slip-panel',  the horse became difficult to handle and Hugo was sent for a whip. This is when Hugo said that Friederich came from behind 'the trap and punched me in the face and kicked me in the leg' and this apparently was not the first time that Friederich had assaulted him.  Joseph made chase but was unable to catch the culprit.  Another WALTROWICZ  son as well as Heinrich MARTIN, wheelwright in Hahndorf, were present.  

Author's own note: This other 'WALTROWICZ' son is Adolph Louis 1872-1949, aged 16 years at the time of the incident. [19]

Reg BUTLER Hahndorf Allotment Database [20]  Page 179.   -  30 Main St, Hahndorf.


Author's own note:  Joseph  WALTROWITZ  'farmer' purchased the above corner allotment 1864 and it past to his son Hugo 'painter' in 1917 who held it until 1939.  Joseph was a close by neighbour to Heinrich MARTIN as seen by the shaded areas on both adjoining allotments 98 and 99, above and below.

Reg BUTLER Hahndorf Allotment Database [21]  Page 182.   -  32 to 34 Main St Hahndorf


Author's own note: Joseph WILLEMER  'farmer' & his 2nd wife Christiana Dorothea GREGOR purchased the above in 1861 and it remained in the family until 1921.   Carl RODERT b1871 & Richard Hugo WALTROWITZ  b1874 were next door neighbours since they were born.

Reg BUTLER Hahndorf Allotment Database [21]  Page 175.  -  19, 21,23,25,27  Main St Hahndorf


Author's own note: Anna Dorothea PANJAS & Heinrich MARTIN Snr, wheelwright, purchased the above property on the south side in 1862 & it remained in the family until 1930.

Reg BUTLER Hahndorf Allotment Database [21] Page 211.  -  104-106 Main St, Hahndorf. 

Author's own note: Nicholaus FAEHRMANN grew up at the above property Main Rd, Hahndorf.  His house was the furtherest along from the WALTROWITZ's home at either end of the long the main road. It remained in the family until 1955.

Ships List Passengers from 'Heloise' and 'Reiherstieg' - the MARTIN and PANJAS family


'Heloise' Arrived S.A. 17 March 1847  [22]

Heinrich Siegesmund MARTIN was described as a 30 year old 'blacksmith' from Germany on the 'Heloise' and then seven years later as a 39 year old 'wheelwright' on the 'Reiherstieg' from Liegnitz, Prussia. [23]  [25]

It seems likely he sailed with his growing family on the latter ship in 1854.

'The "Letter of Naturalisation" reveals that he had resided in South Australia for thirty years, thereby disproving the previous belief that the family arrived in 1847'. Martin FH page 25[. ]


'Reiherstieg' arrived S.A . 26 October 1854.  [24]

The 'Heinrich MARTIN' mentioned in the court action was possibly the 71 year old (1817-1894) father of eight children, who in 1888, lived and conducted his wheelwright business at 19-27 Main Street Hahndorf. [26] [27]

It has not been verified but it might be possible that 'Fritz' was to or had learnt his trade at the MARTIN's blacksmith and wheelwright workshop.

Or....the article might have been referring to one of his sons 'Heinrich MARTIN jnr' (Karl Heinrich MARTIN (1852-1916) who would have been 36 years of age and not long married to his wife Johanna Mina Helena SCHACH, they had by 1888 two of their 6 children. [28]


More about the MARTIN & PANJAS family.


Page 24 the family home.


Page 24, Blacksmith,  Hahndorf.


'Descendants of the Martins from Gross Lessen, Silesia, Family History'  2002', page 24.

On 10 April 1856 Heinrich bought a cottage on a half-acre property [allotment 27] 

in the Main Street of Hahndorf for 30 pound from Peter Leonard SCHINKEL.  

The house, in which the family lived [roughly where English Street meets Main Street],

was partially demolished early in 1998 with only the walls of the front room being retained.  The red

gum slabs put down in 1855 as flooring were still in good condition.  The MARTINS must have

almost felt at home as the early settlers spoke German and many had built half-timbered,

gabled, thatch roofed cottages.  Sum-baked clay bricks had been used in their construction

and the outer walls were plastered wattle and daub. On 9 March 1863 Heinrich  purchased the

neighbouring property of 2 1/2 acres, fenced and with a vineyard.  The purchase of these two properties 

so soon after his arrival suggests that Heinrich Sigismund belonged to the lower middle class of

Silesian residents, who, deciding that his economic future in Gross Lessen was limited, had sufficient

assets to dispose of, and so enable him to finance the journey to, and settlement in, faraway

South Australia.  

By this time Heinrich had established his wheelwright and coach-building business, and a further 3 children had been born - Friederick Oskar [1856], Maria Henrietta [1858] and Theodor Edmund [1862].  Although he had been a partner in the business, the eldest son, Herman, considered the prospects of success would be greater in the United States of America an left Hahndorf in 1868.  [He would have been 26 years of age] His father apparently hoped that his son would return as business directories show that Herman remained as a joint owner up to to 1880. An existing photograph of the workshop taken in the late 1870's or early 1880's who's the range of products made in the business - from a dray, a sulky, wagon and, surprisingly a penny-farthng bicycle. The curved archway above the workshop door [showing "H.Martin Wheelwright" in the photograph} is clearly visible on the present day building."[. ]

Trove 18 May 1888 newspaper summary cont.,  Heinrich MARTIN was only five yards away when he heard Hugo WALTROWICZ cry out.  Carl RODERT was a year older than 'Fritz', and along with their friend THIELE, the three were apparently on their way to 'evening chapel in Hahndorf' when they became embroiled in some mischief.

Carl RODERT was seventeen years of age when he said in court that he was coming up the road and stopped to hear the row.  He said he 'saw all that took place'.  Carl's story is different, he said it was Hugo that came out with the whip and hit 'Fritz' with the whip and in return Hugo was struck under the ear. Under cross examination Carl acknowledged that it was a dark night, and that he did not go up to the trap which was twenty yards away.  Apparently Joseph chased Carl and 'Fritz' away with the whip in his hand, and they both took off in separate directions. 

Carl RODERT was adamant that FAEHRMANN  was nowhere near the trap.  He said that Hugo 'came 16 yards from the trap to assault defendant FAEHRMANN'. Apparently FAEHRMANN  had  'been before in fights'  but that Hugo 'often hits people'.  When it became Friedrich's turn to be cross examined he said he ran away because he feared Joseph would hit him.  The Court found that indeed FAEHRMANN had assaulted Hugo and he was fined ten shillings and costs, which totalled  3 pound, 19 shillings. [29]

Author's own note:  'THIELE' is possibly Carl Heinrich THIELE (1874-1934). because he is a similar age to RODERT & FAEHRMANN.  THIELE'S maternal grandparents were on the 'Zebra' & his paternal grandparents were or the 'Prince George'.   Both of his parents were  born in Hahndorf. [30]


Ships List passengers from 'Ceres', the RODERT/KOHL family.
'Ceres' arrived S.A. 21 April 1850  [31]                         

Author's own note:  This young 'Carl RODERT'  of the newspaper story above, was born in Australia and named Johann Julius Carl RODERT (1871-1906) . He is the eldest son of parent Helene Tela WILLEMER (1848c-1921) known as 'Ida' and miner, Heinrich Julius RODERT (1840c-1906). who  arrived on the Celes 21 April 1850 at 9 years of age, with his parents, Wilhelmine KOHN (1814c-1893) and Heinrich 'Carl' RODERT (1812-1888) and siblings.[32]

Authors Note:

Young Carl RODERT's (1871-1906) mother was a WILLEMER, and her father Johann was a cabinet maker-carpenter in Hahndorf.  In 1853 when Carl's mother was only 5 the family purchased No 15 Victoria St and the article in Adelaide Hills Localwiki  'Dwelling, Barn, Well & Pump' attributes the building of this barn to her father Johann WILLEMER.  See also See also Adelaide Hills Localwiki  'Rodert's Cottage', Also see Adelaide Hills Localwiki 'Former Mortuary-Hahndorf'. [33] This  first article says  "Soon after Mr. WILLEMER came to live here with his family, he was contracted to do the carpentry work on the new St. Michael’s Lutheran Church building in 1858.  He made the pews while fellow tradesman Johann AMPT made the altar and pulpit still in use today."  Fritz FAEHRMANN's own father was involved in this early building project and he had the contract for completing the roof on St Michael's Church. [34]


WILLIMER & Fritz's father Carl FAEHRMANN worked together. Hahndorf Survey Vol 11, page 372 quoting from the Minutes of Hahndorf Lutheran Congregational meeting 1856-59   "On 10 September, 1857 the Church declared a Constitution which was ratified by the congregation on 9 October, 1857.  It was amended and finally accepted on 30 June, 1858.  Over the years the old pug church had become so dilapidated that the Executive Council called a meeting on 13 July, 1858 at which the congregation unanimously resolved to build a new church.  It was to be built of hard stone with brick quoins, around the existing church which would be demolished when the new structure neared completion.  The Echunga Council gave permission for stone to be obtained from their quarry on condition that the church repair any resulting damage to the site.   Arrangements for a gallery were included in the church which was to measure 60 feet in length, 30 feet in width and 18 feet in height.  A commission of men acquainted with building was appointed to supervise the work to be let by tender.  Included were J.F. PAECH, E. REIMANN, C. FAEHRMANN, F. SCHNEEMILCH, Ed SCHRODER, F. GLADIGAU, E. THIELE, G.WIET, C.JAENSCH, J.F. THIELE, G.A. SCHUETZE,  J. AMPT and W. KURTZER. A subscription list signed by seventy members realized 859 pound, 11 shillings.  A little later, on 20 July, the Committee elected G.A. SCHUETZE as chairman of the Building Committee and J.F. PAECH and C. JAENSCH together with the chairman of supervisors.  It was agreed that the foundations be 3 ft 6ins, wide, the basement 3 ft., the walls 2ft. 6ins. to a height of 10 feet, and the rest to be 2 feet thick except for the gable walls which were to be 1ft. 6ins. wide.  A 12 ft, square vestry of brick was also to be added.  Four tenders for the masonry were received and the congregation decided that EGGERSTEDT and MEIER do the work together for 198 pound.  


The masons agreed to commence on 1st October, 1858 and to have the work completed by 1st February, 1859, if the congregation promptly supplied the stone, lime and sand.  Several members pledged to quarry and cart stone not less than 6 ins. x 8 ins, while others carted lime from the Nairne Lime Kilns.  Others agreed to excavate the foundations, to erect a fence to protect the graves in the church yard and to dig a large hole for water.  Later EGGERSTEDT refused to sign the contract with MEIER so that he could do the job on his own for 158 pound.  (Author's note: Probably Jochim Heinrich EGGERSTEDT, mason of Hahndorf).  The Foundation Stone was laid by J.F. PAECH on 29 September, 1858, St Michael's Day which was adopted as the new name of the church.  Later that year WILLEMER's tender of carpentering of 70 pound, 10 shillings as well as making comfortable pews for 2 pound each was accepted.  PETERSEN, FAEHRMANN and GLADIGAU would supply timber and slates for the roof for 310 pound.  FAEHRMANN and WILLEMER accepted the task of erecting a sandstone bell tower on the gable end over the entrance but required the help of a blacksmith to do so......The altar and pulpit were made by Johann AMPT..... the new church was ready for dedication on 3 July 1859... there was a deficit of nearly 300 pound that was finally overcome in 1865."


[References See the South Australian Magazine 1841, Lutheran Almanac 1928, 1929, 1934, 1938. Minutes of Hahndorf Lutheran Congregational Meetings 1856-59].

In 1862 Johann WILLEMER is described in a Supreme Court hearing as a 'carpenter' and the year before (1861) had purchased 34 -36 Main Rd, Hahndorf. [35][36]  In 1868 Helene, Carl's mother, married Heinrich Julius RODERT & the father and new husband  began a joint undertaker and carpentering business partnership. In 1892 Helene known as 'Ida' became the title owner of the property and 2 years later her father Johann WILLEMER died in 1894. 

This original allotment from  1839 -1855 belonged to Christian BARTEL (1793c-1887) and his wife Maria Elisabeth KIRSCHKE (1796-1880) and their 4 daughters, who probably built this 1847 home. [35][36]  The buildings are described as a 'half timbered house with pug in fill and a steep pitched roof and boarded gable, facing the main street, with '1847' carved on the wall and bounded by a tall yew hedge and stone pavings on either side. [37] 

Christian BARTEL was a  thresher-gardener, also from the 'Zebra'  and on this same journey was his brother Gottlob BARTEL (wife Elisabeth BINDER  1797-1874 & 5 children)  & their older sister Johanna Elizabeth Rosina BARTEL (1790-unknown) with her husband Johann Christian SCHUBERT and only one of their 3 sons, Johann Christian SCHUBERT (1821-1879).  All of these siblings were  from Möstchen, Brandenburg Prussia.  Möstchen is now known as Mostki, 9 kms west of Swiebodzin in Poland. [38][39][40]


  • This BARTEL/SCHUBERT connection will be explored below under '2.3  108 Main St, Hahndorf.'  

  • There was another younger sister, Dorothea Elisabeth BARTEL (1805 Möstchen-1883 Palmer SA) who arrived in 1845 on the 'Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel' with  Johann Gottlieb PACH (1801 Möstchen-1891 Summerfeldt) & 4 children.[41]   Also to note that it is probable that this Dorothea BARTEL & her husband PÄCH purchased the land and house at 108 Main St Hahndorf from her older sister J E Rosina BARTEL in 1855. They held it for perhaps a year and moved to Summerfeldt, beginning the PAECH connection with Palmer, Caloote area.


Ships List passengers from 'Zebra' and 'Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel', the BARTEL / SCHUBERT / KIRSCHKE / BINDER / PÄCH  families.

'Zebra' arrived 28 December 1838.

Johann Elizabeth Rosina BARTEL & her husband SCHUBERT  [42]


Her younger brother Christian BARTEL & wife KIRSCHKE & 4 daughters [43]


Her younger brother Gottlieb BARTEL & wife BINDER,  & 5 children, all 3 families from Möstchen, Brandenburg, Prussia.  [44]

'Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel' arrived 18 September 1845

with the youngest sister Dorothea and husband PÄCH & 5 children.  [45]


2.   Marriage: Mary Jane JONES known as 'Jenny', in 1897.

Marriage Certificate from the 'Beryl BENHAM Photographic & Other Archival Material Collection'

By the time Nickolaus was born his Prussian LIEBELT grandfather had been dead 14 years and when he was seven his only sister was married, and his Prussian KUCHEL grandmother died a matter of weeks after this wedding. When 'Fritz' was 19 years of age all of his brothers had married and it is likely that he was the only child left at home with his parents until he married 6 years later.  He did this at 25 years of age and his father had died the year before at 72 years of age and his mother, Eleanore was now 64 years of age.  Their home at 108 Main St Hahndorf would have remained a very busy place because by the time Nickolaus was married his sibling had already provided 29 grandchildren for his parents.

Nickolaus Friederich Carl FAHRMANN, at twenty five years of age was married in the Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, to twenty eight year old Mary Jane JONES on 14 October 1897.  Mary's parents, were William John JONES and Catherine, nee HOPKINS. John was a miner and a limeburner they were 22 and 20 years of age and newly married when they left  Garndiffith, near Pontipool in Wales, and caught the 'Nabob' which arrived in 1856.  They settled at Prospect Village where Mary & her 10 siblings were born, and at Nailsworth  [46][47]


Reverse: 'Mary Jane Jones Grandma Faehrmann'

Same photographer as photo of Mary with her sisters on far right.  ScottBarry 149 Rundle St, Adelaide.


Reverse: 'Fritz Faehrmann'


Reverse: '1st from left Annie Toogood, Mary Jane Jones, Hannah Jones'

Hannah could be her older sister 1863-1919.


'Jenny' JONES and 'Fritz' FAEHRMANN's 3 children between 1898-1903 [48]

 ├── Johann Carl Friedrich FAEHRMANN (1898-1961) born Hahndorf - married Johanne Ida PAECH (1897-). St Michael's Evangelical Church, Ambleside 1923.,

 ├── Emma Jane FAEHRMANN  (22 September 1900-9 August 1925) born Hahndorf, died 25 years of age 

 └── Catherine Eleonore FAEHRMANN  (1903-1975) born Hahndorf - married Arthur Jeffrey ROSE (1903-1987) Methodist Manse, Mt Barker, 1925.


MISS EMMA J. FAEHRMANN.  Death claimed another young and respected resident of Ambleside, in the person of Emma Jane FAEHRMANN, [eldest daughter of Mrs and the late Fritz FAEHRMANN, of Ambleside], who passed away, peacefully on Sunday Morning, August 9 at her mother's home at the age of 24 years 11 months.  The deceased was born at Ambleside on September 22, 1900.  About nine years ago she contracted double pneumonia from which she suffered to her decease.   On account of her quiet most obliging disposition she was highly respected by everyone.  Her remains were laid to rest in the Ambleside Cemetery on Tuesday, August... the Rev. G. HOWLAND officiating the grave.  The pallbearers were Waldemar PAECH, Walter DAHL. A...KELLY, Alfred HAEBICH, Tom LIEBELT and W. WITTWER and their attending ladies Verema WITTWER, Viola ...., Sophie WEYLAND, Dora...., Agnes THIELE and Vera GALLASCH.  An 'In Memoriam' service will be conducted by the Rev. G. HOWLAND, of Mount Barker in the Institute on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock,



Beryl BENHAM nee ROSE is the second child  of Catherine Eleonore FÄHRMANN  known as 'Laura' who married Arthur ROSE known as 'Bunny'.  Beryl is the grandchild of Jeannie JONES & 'Fritz' FAEHRMANN, and 'Fritz' is the GG Uncle of the author and he is the 1C3R to John MULLER whose own photo collection is on this Adelaide Hills Localwiki site.


106 Main St, Hahndorf, the house where 'Fritz' was born.

Old Lot No: House 15, New Lot No: N.H. 19, Street No 106 Main Street, Hahndorf. 

Elizabeth KUCHEL and Christian LIEBELT had been living on the land at 106 Main Rd, Hahndorf, since they arrived in Hahndorf in 1839 and Christian had died in 1858.  Eleonore was her only daughter and in 1854 when she married Carl FAEHRMANN he moved in and lived with his wife and parents in law.  Fritz's mother Eleanore, was not quite forty years of age when he was born in 1872.  Eleonore's own father had died fourteen years earlier and her mother, Elizabeth KUCHEL at seventy four years of age lived until 7 weeks after  Eleonore's eldest child, and only daughter, known as Auguste got married in 1879. [49]

Fritz's other siblings married in 1882, 1883, 1886, 1891 and he himself not until 1897.  It would be likely that Fritz, as the youngest surviving child, lived at his family home with only his mother for company after his father (Carl FAEHRMANN) died in mid 1896. Their home was the second to last along the main Hahndorf road to the west.

I believe the coloured photograph at right is the home that 'Fritz' was probably born in, in 1872 at 106 Main Rd Hahndorf.

  • His father, Carl wearing a white beard, is in front of one of the wagons and his mother, Eleanore, has her hands on her hips.  
  • Fritz's oldest brother is in the photo smoking a  pipe and his first born child is in the arms of his wife, Matha WIETH (1860-1927).  
  • 'Fritz' would have been 11 years old so he may be the youngest lad on the wagon with the white shirt.

This magazine article shows Oswald Friedrich FAEHRMANN, (known as 'Ossie') in 1964, pointing to himself as a baby in the photograph. [50]  Ossie was born August 1883,  Oswald's father is smoking the pipe. [50]


This coloured photograph on the upper left of a German family in Hahndorf was donated to and is held by the Hahndorf Academy.

  •  It is commonly known as the 'Liebelt House' 
  •  It depicts a traditional wattle & daub, fachwerk house, a single chimney & a half hipped shingle roof c1850, & two german wagons. 
  • There are 3 adult women, a baby,  2 adult men, & 3 other younger males.
  • all are  possibly  members of the Hahndorf pioneer LIEBELT - FAEHRMANN families.
  • Current home at 106 Main Rd, Hahndorf.  
  • The house on the left  is built up to the Hahndorf Main Road footpath, unknown date of construction, home to  FAEHRMANN descendants until 1955 [51]


108 Main St Hahndorf

Old Lot No: House 14, New Lot No: N.H. 18, Street No: 108 Main Street, Hahndorf.

Reg Butler 'Hahndorf Allotments Database' page 212

Colliers Real Estate 108 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf

Colliers described the above house as 'an original character dwelling of 145 sqm with no heritage listing....'

Colliers Real Estate Colliers Real Estate '4,150 sqm' Colliers Real Estate


Colliers Real Estate Hundred of Onkaparinga, 4,150 sqmThis home & land were offered for sale in August 2022 by 'Colliers', the same dimensions were available as were allocated in 1839. This is the description:

      'Large site of 4,150 sqm

     High exposure location at Hahndorf's town entrance

     Opportunity to occupy, value add or develop

     Under 30 min drive to Adelaide CBD

     Adjacent public parking facilities for 39 vehicles

     Zoned Township Main Street, allowing a range of commercial & residential outcomes.

    As we discussed over the phone we are quoting in the range of $2.5million.'








  Add a caption  

The original 1839 allocation for this one acre block of land along the main street was to Christian SCHUBERT and his wife Elizabeth BARTEL (b15 April 1790) from Möstchen, Brandenburg, Prussia.  The couple were on the 'Zebra' along with their son Johann Christian a 16 year old lad who with this information would have been born in 1822 and as they worked the land for 16 years their son would have been 32 years of age when they sold it in 1855.  [52]  [53]

As described earlier Elizabeth BARTEL was on the same ship as her 2 younger brothers, Christian & Gottlieb.  Another sister Dorothea came out in 1845 on the Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel'.  In 1839 Christian was at 34/36  Main Street, (later Joseph WILLEMER's land) and their brother Gottlieb was around the corner in English St  number 29/31. I believe that when Dorothea BARTEL and her husband Gottlieb PÄCH (1801-1891) arrived in 1845 with their young family of 5 children they may have stayed near  Christian and Elizabeth in Hahndorf or with the many PAECH options they had in the local farming community.   Gottlieb's older brother Friedrich PAECH already owned land at Friedrichstadt and within a few years of arrival his 2 eldest sons had married Gottlieb's 2 eldest daughters in 1851 and 1853. In 1855 Dorothea BARTEL and Gottlieb PAECH did  purchase this block 108 from her sister and husband SCHUBERT in 1855 but they only held it for a year prior to eventually settling at Sommerfeldt. [54]

Certificate of Title Vol CXC Folio 209

While  it was owned briefly by Gottlob PAECH  it then in 1856  went to a carpenter, Friedrich HERZOG, who sold it to Cordelia LEMMEY in 1870 and then to the widow RAU (of Carl RAU) in 1874.  The Widow Eleonore RAU died at 56 years of age possibly in her own home on 18 February 1887. [55]

The widow RAU and the LIEBELT/FAEHRMANN's would have been neighbours for thirteen years (1874-1887) when on the 13 February 1887 Eleonore RAU wrote a Will naming 'Carl FAEHRMANN of Hahndorf, Carpenter', as her executor.  Eleonore RAU died five days later and Carl acted on her behalf and transferred the ownership of house block  to their children Johann Wilhelm RAU a baker (who died 1892), Mathilde Bertha RAU unmarried (who died 1893) and Alwine Pauline, unmarried at the time, but then married Robert WELLBOURNE of Broken Hill.   Alwine then held the title for this land and home, it had possibly been originally built by Christian SCHUBERT and so was perhaps almost 50 years old (1839-1887).  Author Note: Alwine and Robert's great granddaughter said the spelling is 'WELBURN', July 2022.

Six years later in August 1893 when Alwine decided to sell, Carl, (at 70 years) and Eleonore FAEHRMANN purchased it, Carl was then still described as 'Carpenter from Hahndorf.'   When Carl made his Will as a sixty year old (in 1883) he made his 66 year old friend Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER, Miller, (married to Johanne Louise PAECH)  the executor of his Will, and when Carl died thirteen years later (July 1896) of heart disease, the land at 108 Main St Hahndorf, was transferred to his widow Eleonore FAEHRMANN, who was still living at 106 Main Rd Hahndorf.

Three years later, 14 March 1899 Eleonore FAEHRMANN transferred this House Block 108 to her youngest son, 27 yr old, Nickolaus, 'Blacksmith of Hahndorf'. [56]  The FAEHRMANN'S had this title since 1893 when Nickolaus was 21 years of age, so it could have been that he had begun to clean up the old SCHUBERT house and worked on building the current house, well prior to him being married.  By the time the land was transferred to him  in 1899 Nickolaus was already married and had one young son.  It is possible that he continued to living with his parents at 108 Main Road, while he completed building his new home alongside with the help of his builder father.

Tranfer of 108 Main Street, Hahndorf  -  On 14 March 1899, the title for 108 Main Street, Hahndorf, was transferred to 27 year old 'Nickolaus Friedrich Carl FAEHRMANN, Blacksmith of Hahndorf', by his mother Eleonore nee LIEBELT. [60]

14 March 1899

'Eleanore FAEHRMANN transfers to so Nicolaus'

17 May 1906

'Mary Jane FAEHRMANN receives for her separate use'

17 May 1906

'Mary Jane receives mortgage'


4 April 1913

'Mortage discharged 7 years later'

  • Three children were born in the new home in 1898, 1900 and 1903 and they all grew up knowing their grandma, Eleonore nee LIEBELT, who lived justt next door.  
  • In 1906 their  blacksmith business seemed to be thriving and their young children were aged, Charlie 8, Emma Jane 6, Catherine 3.
  • Nickolaus died suddenly and violently on 12 March 1906, at thirty four years of age,  9 years after his wedding, Mary Jane was 37 years of age.
  • Their grandma Eleanore, survived her youngest son's death by 8 years before she suffered her own tragic death.

Named after his father and grandfather the eldest of their three children was 'Charlie' FAEHRMANN.  

  • He was sent to teachers college and that is what he became. He married in 1923, to Johanne Ida PAECH (1897-1977), the eldest child of Caroline Mathilde BOM (1873-1960) Louis Alfred 'Caspar' PAECH (1871-1927), born at Ravenswood and originating from the 'Rentschener PAECH'  line in Rentschen, Brandenburg, Prussia.  Caspar's eleven year old father was on the 'Zebra' with Charlie's five year old grandmother.  [61]
  • Two years later his sister, Emma died of Tuberculosis on 9 August 1925, at 24 years. Ninety five years later Emma's niece, Beryl ROSE nee BEHNHAM,  remembers well that as a result of her mother's caring of her sister Emma, she says they still use their 'own cups' at home.  So fearful of the contagion 'there was no kissing, and no-one hugged us'.  Beryl said  'we had our own knives and forks, a kettle full of boiling water was put over everything.'  Beryl's mother was the 3rd and last child of 'Fritz', and while named Catherine Eleonore, was always known as 'Laura'.  Laura was three years younger than Emma and would have spent some years as a teenager caring for her sister and watching her deteriorate, and her own mother struggling financially.  
  • The three fatherless children would have had their grandmother Eleonore, next door, to call on, and they would all have remembered Eleonore's own tragic death in 1914,  when they were 16, 14 and 11 years of age, that occurred eight years after their father's death.


 'Fritz' the Blacksmith

Scanned copies of 'Fritz's' Hahndorf blacksmith records from  1 October 1901-23 May 1905 pages 1-239  can be found  above under 'Fritz' FÄHRMANN (1872-1906) - Blacksmith Records

They give an insight into the dozens of families who were purchasing farming equipment and horse requirements during that period. 

It is possible that Nickolaus had been learning the trade of blacksmithing from the age of 14 or 15 years.

Nickolaus  Friedrich Carl Fahrmann


The first mention of Nickolaus as a blacksmith was in the S.A. Sands & McDougall Directories. The entries were identical from 1897-1906.  'F. Faehrmann, Blacksmith, Hahndorf' [57]


In 1896 the Sands and McDougall's Directory entry in Hahndorf included this:  'CJF Faehrmann carpenter.'  [58] 

The 1907 Sands & McDougall's Directory show under Hahndorf 'Faehrmann Mrs M.J.'  [59]


2 males and a wagon outside of 'Faehrmann' blacksmith workshop at 108 Main Road Hahndorf.

The home on the left is still lived in (2022) and is where Nickolaus and Jeanie JONES raised their 3 children.  

Reverse.The wall on the far right is the current house at 108 Main Rd Hahndorf, on the land that Nickolaus's grandparents were allotted in 1839.

'C.J.F. FAEHRMANN', Nicholas's father died in July 1896, and It might be  reasonable to conclude that Nickolaus then needed to set up his own business and his skills and experience must have been in blacksmithing which up until this time he may have done alongside his father in the same workshop outside of 106 Main Rd Hahndorf.


Sudden death of 'Fritz', blacksmith shop tragedy.

According to the newspapers of the day, on a Monday evening, 12th March, 1906  there was an explosion in Fritz's blacksmith shop, caused by an acetylene gas, killing Fritz  immediately.  Charles HIGGINS who was assisting Fritz in his workshop, appears to have been the only witness, and required a number of head stitches by Dr Auricht 'cut to the bone' and was possibly to loose an eye.   One report said Fritz's 'windpipe was severed' and another that his 'jugular vein severed', but both agreed that he suffered severe and disfiguring facial injuries.   Apparently Fritz needed to use a light and with his face close to inspecting the 'charging of the lamp', made out of 'two oil drums', and  locally made, Fritz applied a lighted candle to the 'escape jet' to see if it was 'sufficiently charged' and the flame came in contact with the gas and exploded.   Fritz's mother and Mary Jane and his children must have heard the noise immediately from their home behind the shop.  Dr AURICHT was 'quickly' on the spot, so perhaps the whole town had been alarmed by the unusual noise and cries for help.  The obituary noted that Fritz was president of the 'Krauken Kaese' a German Lodge, as well as a member of the local Druids Lodge. [62]

Hahndorf Public Cemetery

'Faehrmann, in loving memory of N. Friedrich Carl died 12 Jan 1906, aged 34 years, loved husband of Mary Jane, died 16 August 1942, aged 74 years. Emma Jane died Aug 9, 1925, aged 25 years'. 

Photo JBH 2020

Note: the incorrect month on the cemetery plaque, it says 'Fritz died on 12 January 1906', instead of 12 March, 1906.

'Rose, in loving memory of Catherine Eleonore died 14th Nov 1975, aged 72 years, loving wife of Arthur Jeffrey, died 23 August 1987 aged 84 years.  Loved mother and father of Jim and Beryl.'


12 March 1906


1906 'KILLED BY AN ACETYLENE GAS EXPLOSION.,' The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA:1867-1922), viewed 16 July 2022,


1906 'SHOCKING FATALITY.,' The Mount Baker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser (SA:1880-1954), 16 March, p.2., viewed 16 Jul 2022, 1906 'EXPLOSION OF ACETYLENE GAS.,' The Register (Adelaide, SA:1901-1929), 14 March, p.4., viewed 16 July 2022,


12 March 1906 22 September 1925 16 August 1942




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